The Ultimate 2021 Reading List

15/12/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr

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Must-Read Titles of 2021

Enjoy our selection of the bestselling 2021 titles from Collective Ink.

How many have you read?

Collective Ink offers a vast range of carefully crafted and selected titles available in paperback and on all E-readers, through Amazon, Kindle, Hive, Barnes and Noble and where ever books are sold.

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Bea's Witch

A runaway adoptee encounters the ghost of a witch. She must wrestle her past to discover the witch’s secret and find her way home.

Crystal Prescriptions volume 8

Crystal Prescriptions volume 8 is the latest in the bestselling A-Z crystal directories from Judy Hall, with sections on crystal tools, using specific layouts, and a prosperity crystals compendium.

Earth is a School

An examination of the material world as a spiritual school, specifically tailored to develop consciousness.

Finding Sustainability

Journey to 8 states, 3 national parks and 3 countries to experience the life-changing education that led Trent A. Romer to finding sustainability for his plastic bag manufacturing business and himself.

Finding Zen in the Ordinary

Honest and thought-provoking spiritual insights drawn from daily-life experiences and informed by the Zen tradition.

Healthy Fashion

Healthy Fashion for the Modern Lifestyle

Keeping Her Keys

Blending Hekate, witchcraft and personal development together to create a powerful new magickal perspective.

Lessons I Have Unlearned

Discovering that life isn't what I expected, and neither is God.

Quaker Quicks - Hope and Witness in Dangerous Times

An invitation to learn from the Quakers about being “angelic troublemakers” in these difficult times!

Red Dress: A Novel

A career mum in her 40s who is stressed out and time-starved embarks on an unexpected adventure.

The Scars of Eden

How do we distinguish between our ancestors' ideas of God and close encounters of an extra-terrestrial kind?

Science Ideated

Why it is increasingly evident that ideas, not matter, are the sole object of all sciences.

The Unwelcome

She should have known Lutz would never let her go so easily.... After a chance roadside meeting, Kaitlyn Brecker's jealous ex-boyfriend pursues her into the Appalachian foothills, revealing the monster under his skin for the first time.

The Way of the Rabbit

An affectionate history of nature’s most surprising species.

Where Madness Lies

A story about the high price of repression, and how one woman, who lost nearly everything, must be willing to reveal the failures of the past in order to save future generations.


Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt From the Stripper

The naked truth about building a transparent organisation and leadership of the future.



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