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Burn, Beautiful Soul

Basil the demon king, regretful of the atrocities he has committed to maintain his hold on power in his underground kingdom, absconds to the Earth's surface. Living among humans, he quickly learns that Hell is a state of mind...

Basil the demon king has come to a crossroads. He has grown tired of life underground and regretful of the atrocities he has committed to maintain his hold on power. Wanderlust leads him to the surface, to live freely among humans. Considering the state of the world, most humans seem unfazed by his arrival - but not all. A religious zealot with murderous intentions and a vengeful biker gang seek his end.

Meanwhile, Basil must contend with two internal forces: the disturbing dreams that suggest he once walked the earth as a human; and the pull of the underworld, drawing him back to deal with the troubles he left behind - namely, a cunning foe who craves the throne, a monstrous kraken, and an ancient evil as cold and dark as the soil.

'Burn, Beautiful Soul is The Wizard of Oz with a demon Dorothy... It is a loving but unsentimental dissection of America and its people. It is a story you will never forget.' John Schoffstall, author of Half-Witch

Chronos Crime Chronicles - The Death of Amy Robsart

In September 1560, Amy Robsart, wife of Queen Elizabeth I's favourite, Robert Dudley, was found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs, at the age of twenty-eight. Sinister rumours ensued. Was it an accident, suicide or murder?

Amy Robsart was the wife of Queen Elizabeth I's favourite, Robert Dudley, later Earl of Leicester. In September 1560, she was found dead, her neck broken, at the bottom of a flight of stairs at Cumnor Place. Amy was twenty-eight when she died and her marriage to Dudley had been one of great absences and loneliness.

Some said she was ill, others that she was desperate. More sinister rumours talked of murder. In this book we look at Amy's unsolved death and examine who had motive to commit such a dark deed. Was it an accident, suicide or murder?

The Death of Amy Robsart is the first volume in an exciting new historical true crime series from Chronos Books.

The Circle of the Snake

Why are we more nostalgic in the digital age than ever before?

Shocked by 9/11, the Great Recession, digital anxiety, and ecological collapse, the West suffers from nostalgia. People everywhere yearn for a utopian version of the past that never existed. Desperate for relief, many long to escape from the present. Some will stop at nothing to achieve it.

In his essential new book, Grafton Tanner, author of Babbling Corpse: Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts, argues that our nostalgia today is partly a consequence of the attention economy. At a time when historical literacy is crucial, and old prejudices are percolating into the present, Big Tech’s predictive algorithms are locking us into nostalgic feedback loops. The result is a precarious society with its gaze fixed on the good old days.

Spanning from the ancient Sophists to Black Mirror, The Circle of the Snake is at once a reckoning with the myth of digital utopia and an incisive analysis of nostalgia as a weapon to spread fascism.

Hermine: an Empress in Exile

The life and times, and mysterious death of an ambitious Empress in exile, unloved by many.

Hermine Reuss of Greiz is perhaps better known as the second wife of the Kaiser (Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany) whom she married shortly after the death of his first wife Auguste Viktoria and while he was in exile in the Netherlands. She was by then a widow herself with young children. She was known to be ambitious about wanting to return to power, and her husband insisted on her being called 'Empress'.

To achieve her goal, she turned to the most powerful man in Germany at the time, Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, her dream was not realised as Hitler refused to restore the monarchy and with the death of Wilhelm in 1941, Hermine was forced to return to her first husband's lands. She was arrested shortly after the end of the Second World War and would die under mysterious circumstances while under house arrest by the Red Army.

Resetting Our Future: Impact ED

Leveraging existing community college assets to rebuild a more equitable economy

This book provides leaders with insights into how entrepreneurial thinking and action can put local communities on the path to recovery from the economic devastation induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship offers a roadmap to the future. NACCE members colleges' newly evolved programs benefit local communities, fuel economic growth, and create more equitable opportunities for those who have been historically marginalized. This pathway leads to recovery, hope and a more caring, creative, and equitable society.

The Wanderers on Earth

Wanderers from the fifth dimension are now incarnate on Earth in the third dimension as 21 year old humans. Reuniting with with their twin flames, they must work through a virtual reality game and battle the dark lords, to prevent disaster.

As this second book opens, the wanderers from the fifth dimension are now incarnate on Earth in the third dimension as 21 year old humans living around the world - in Moscow, New York, London, Tehran, Mumbai, Dublin, Tokyo, and Jerusalem. Growing up they have each had many strange encounters with the dark side, and now suspect they are not from this time and place.

When they wake up, they reunite with their twin flames, and remember who they are and why they incarnated. Once awake, they work through a virtual reality game called Fifth Dimension, travelling to hot spots around the world and battle the dark lords to prevent disaster.

The second volume in the Mission From Venus saga by Susan Plunket.

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