Tonika Rinar

Tonika Rinar

Tonika Rinar is an extraordinary psychic and visionary, international speaker, author and workshop leader. She is a world-renowned expert on bio-magnetism (the human energy field); with 21 years clinical experience working with people suffering injury and illness. She has been interviewed extensively on radio and television.

Tonika is a charismatic, humorous, and fascinating speaker. Her extraordinary psychic abilities have provided her with unique insights about human life and the many different worlds and dimensions that co-exist alongside our own.

She has a wonderful ability of explaining very complex spiritual and philosophical issues and subjects, in a simplified and easy to understand way.

A company director and senior partner of a successful chiropractic, sport injury and complimentary therapy company in the U.K. She works tirelessly researching and improving her own treatment procedures for a wide variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, leg ulcers and sports related injuries. Her pioneering treatment for cancer is breaking new ground and proving to be extremely successful.

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