Theolyn Cortens

Theolyn Cortens

Theolyn Cortens is the well-established author of seven Mind Body Spirit books about angels, translated into several languages. She has a Diploma in Art; BA Hons in Literature and Philosophy; and a Master’s degree in the study of religious experiences from the University of Wales, where her original scholarship into the history of angels was described by as ‘superlative’; she is presently conducting research at the University of Winchester into angel spirituality for her Ph.D.
Theolyn has variously worked as a civil servant, a teacher of creative writing, an astrologer, and as a dress designer creating costumes for pop stars and TV presenters and wedding and ball gowns for Harrods and Liberty’s. Since 1992 she has been teaching angel, meditation and healing workshops and offers home study and online courses through her website
Theolyn is also a published poet and co-author, with her husband of 38 years, song-writer Will Shaman and his brother, of the musical Roll over Jehovah!, staged in 2000 at the New End Theatre Hampstead, with choreography by Wayne Sleep. Will Is a highly experienced book and web-designer who has established and maintained the high standard of Theolyn’s print and web content.

Theolyn was interested in mystical subjects from a young age: her aunt was an astrologer and Theolyn read her aunt's books on Theosophy and esoteric subjects from the age of nine. When she was fourteen she joined the Buddhist society but later, after spending much quality time with the Quakers and learning Transcendental Meditation, she converted to Liberal Judaism in 2008. Her research into angels began after an awe-inspiring personal 'visitation' in 1974, since when she has attempted to combine her scholarly curiosity with her capacity to access wisdom from invisible guides, such as angels, archangels and other celestial beings.

For the last fifteen years Theolyn has been sharing her knowledge though her SoulSchool workshops,postal courses and now eclasses. She encourages students to think for themselves and to only take on board ideas or techniques that really make a difference in their lives. Theolyn describes herself as a 'mystical teacher', not a "New Age teacher' and she has no patience with the Turkish Delight versions of angels that have flooded the market courtesy of American and British packagers. Her students always appreciate her practical, common sense approach and her sense of humour.
Theolyn has been married to Will for 37 years and they have four children and five grand-children. Theolyn lives in Wales - for the time being.

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