Stephen Pope

Stephen Pope

Steve Pope has been a practicing mystic in the Kabbalistic tradition for over thirty years. He has been interested in the teachings of all the World's mystical traditions, but especially the Judeo-Christian tradition into which he was born. In 1982 he began studying Kabbalah and Mysticism with various Jewish and Christian Mystics. From 1987 to 1992 he studied Theology at Bangor University in North Wales, gaining a B.D. and M.A. He was particularly drawn to uncovering the deeper meanings of the original Greek and Hebrew Bible texts, and he has made his own translations of many Old and New Testament texts. For his M.A. he studied the historical influence of Jewish and Christian Mystical ideas, as well as the Pagan philosophies that have shaped much of our understanding of God and existence.

Whilst living in London he studied with several Kabbalistic teachers and attended regular group meditations. He has run workshops and seminars in various centres and colleges in London, including a regular series at Regent's College. He lived and taught Kabbalah in Mexico and he has taught many workshops and retreats on Kabbalah and Western Mysticism in the UK, including a Christian centre in Abingdon, Hawkwood College in Stroud and Abbey House in Glastonbury, and also runs meditation groups and retreats in France.

HIs is currently working on a new translation of the creation story in Genesis. This project includes a multi-media website, in collaboration with natural history writer Eleanor O'Hanlon which brings together mystical teachings and the human relationship with the natural world.

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