Fiona C. Odgren

Fiona C. Odgren

Fiona is originally from England, and for 20 years dedicated her life to education in the public system. She worked as a music teacher both in elementary schools in England and British Columbia, Canada. Later, she became interested in the field of special education and taught children with learning disabilities. Following her teaching career, she spent 10 years facilitating music programs in Care Facilities and hospitals.

Interest in spirituality was originally awakened in her childhood and further re-awakened 45 years ago when she met some-one who placed her feet on the path of Theosophy and Ancient Wisdom. Her career in the field of education proved invaluable for sharing her passion in developing public programs on Theosophy in western Canada which has spanned 30 years. For 16 years she was a writer and editor for the theosophical magazine called "Pathways," which had a widespread readership across North America, Canada, the UK, India and Australia.

Fiona espoused also the cause for Tibetan refugees and spent several years in Vancouver, BC, as a volunteer on the committee for "The Tibetan Refugee Aid Society," serving as a liaison for public events and as editor of their newsletter.

She is currently President of The Theosophical Society in Victoria, BC, Canada having served in the position for over 20 years. She is extremely comfortable researching, presenting talks and facilitating discussions on these timeless teachings, and is looking forward to the next phase of making the LETTERS accessible to more people.

To add to the above profile: Fiona has presented in the U.S.A. and the magazine edited by her was available in several countries, on different continents. A special edition was produced in Russian and well received in St.Petersburg. Fiona has personally hosted a number of spiritual luminaries from across the globe, many names who are well known in the literary world. Fiona excels in public relations, a skill she can well utilize for her own promotion. With strong connections across the globe, and being in good communication with key people, she can open doors in connection with her own book. When liaising in London, Fiona established close communications with the current President and the Publicity Officer, in connection with public educational programs on the Wisdom Teachings. Fiona has networked successfully with many diverse organizations that are not directly connected to the TS. Examples: Christian Churches, Self Realization Fellowship, Sai Baba Movement, Krishnamurti Foundation, Lucis Trust, The University of Seven Rays, The Sri Chinmayanda Mission, Mahayana Buddhist Groups, and the Ramana Maharshi Ashram in India. Fiona along with the Tibetan Refugee Aid Society, hosted His Holiness the Dalai Lama on His first visit to British Columbia Canada. She has bridged Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Occultism, and Mohammadism, Wherever she has travelled, whatever country or organization she has connected with, she has opened doors.

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