Mariel Forde Clarke

Mariel Forde Clarke

Since her own near-death experience in 1992, Mariel has dedicated her life to exploring the mystery of life and death. She has studied many cultures where the afterlife is considered our true home. From the various research gleaned, she now understands that a belief in an afterlife determines and impacts on how one grieves. Anecdotal evidence from many of her workshops showed a prevailing common theme. Participants who believe in an afterlife manage their grieving process in a healthier and more integrative way. For others, the afterlife is of no concern, with death being the cessation of all life and communication.
These workshops to name a few include: The Journey of the Soul, Life after Physical Death, Coping with Loss, and healing through the Grieving Process.

Other workshops include: Spirituality in the Workplace, Angels and Spiritual Awakening, Ascension finding your Way back to Source, The Way – The Chalice of Light, The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene.


2019 – 2021 Studying to become an Ordained Minister
Awarded by One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

2003 MSc Degree in Training & Human Resource Management
University of Leicester, England

2000 Diploma in Training & Development
National University of Galway NUIG Ireland

1995 Certified Facilitator with Rainbows Programme
Helping Children overcome loss/divorce

1975 Qualified as Serologist in Veterinary Science
Dublin Institute of Technology


2015 – 2018 Principle Co-ordinator
Diana Cooper Foundation, Ireland

2015 Intensive Mediumship Training
James Van Praagh USA

2013 Lightbody Healing Level 1 & 2
The Lightworkers Academy, London

2012 Angel Card Reading & Healing
Aidan Storey (Spiritualist)

2011 Master Teacher Trainer Angels & Ascension
Diana Cooper Foundation

2007 Golden Atlantis Teacher
Diana Cooper School

2006 Angel & Ascension Teacher
Diana Cooper School

2004 Master Teacher – I. E. T.
Centre of Being, Woodstock, U.S.A

2002 Reiki Teacher
Dr. Usui Reiki, Direct Lineage, Dublin

2000 Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P)
Irish Institute of Counselling & Hypnotherapy

1999 Shamanic and Soul Retrieval Training
Dr. Alberto Villoldo

1998 Spirituality in the Workplace Courses
Aras De Brun, Galway

Professional Membership:
Member of the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD)
Associate Member Irish Institute Counselling Hypnotherapy (IICH)
Member of University Leicester Convocation Association (LCA)

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