Reviews for Midnight Meanders - YA fiction by Annika Jensen

14/08/19 | By Brynneth-Nimue Brown

Midnight Meanders book cover

Annika Jensen began writing Midnight Meanders as a freshman in high school and finally witnessed its publication as a senior.

William Spencer is troubled not only by stereotypical teen angst, but by an invisible disease that seems to be picking his mind apart day by day, leaving him with an unyielding hollow emptiness. His strange, yet somewhat effective method of coping involves many late-night walks around his sleepy neighborhood, armed with a pen in his hand and a poem in his mind. Midnight Meanders seeks to reveal the true actions of the teenage mind, not just regurgitate assumptions made by adults. It passes through the stages of anxiety and angst; of pessimism and encouragement; most of all, of discovery. As William journeys through his own mind, revelations are made, relationships are broken and restored, and a faith that once seemed extinct is rediscovered and renewed.

You can read an excerpt here -

Bob D on Amazon said "Solid characterisation, for example best friend Emma, underpinned by some stylish descriptive writing make this story a very pleasing and satisfying read. Recommended for all ages who have the urge to roam the night pavements."

Also there's this lovely observation from someone who bought the book: "Will's journey is not a journey of a hero. It is a story of a person who is confused in a world of social expectations, who simply is looking for what he wants and makes a few mistakes along the way."

Drew Constance gave it 5 stars in a Goodreads review - "Memorable – Beautiful Prose – Reflective – One of this year’s favorites"

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