Insights into a tale about fighting for your life

05/08/19 | By Chris Bell

Passions of the Wolf book coverA young woman tries to commit suicide. She changes her mind at the last moment, and sends a plea out to the world, receiving a sign that things will improve. With the help of her psychiatrist, she begins to deal with her past and the reasons for her self-harming, but a romantic relationship with an abusive man could ruin everything.

Writing about the book on her blog, author Beth Murray said:

"Passions of the Wolf came as a bit of a surprise to me when I began it. It is the first story that I have written that cannot be classed as a horror. There are no ghouls or monsters, no serial killers preying on those who don’t (or do) deserve a painful death, no zombies lurching through the mist. Until penning this tale, I had always considered myself a ‘horror writer’; after Passions of the Wolf, I now simply consider myself a ‘writer’.

What there is in this book is a young woman whose decision to end her life is taken back in time and who must fight to confront and overcome the pain she has suffered in her past. And to overcome the new pain that she is suffering. It deals with the subject of fate and destiny, of the different paths that lead to a single event. Of all the positive and negative experiences that shape our lives."

In this post, Beth talks about the role of fate in her own life -

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