Book trailer for Nicolas Forzy's YA novel

23/07/19 | By Chris Bell

'AlphaNumeric' tells the story of a world where numbers and letters are alive and at war with each other. Only Stu, a dyslexic teenager who arrives there by accident, can put an end to the impending disaster. To do so, he will have to conquer his greatest weakness and face his greatest fear before it's too late. In his quest to return home, Stu will have to navigate the dangerous and angular System of Numbers, ruled by the Prime Constants. He will find allies in the neighbouring Land of Letters, governed by the Council of Vowels. Most importantly, he will meet digits and letters full of flaws, hopes, fears and burning desires, some of whom should not be trusted. As he explores the many sides of this intimidating, mysterious and fascinating world, Stu will finally be forced to face his crushing fear of flying in order to escape. But more than anything, Stu will fight desperately to save Yana, the one vowel who helped him, who trusted him and who is now blaming him for the chaos of alphanumerical war that Stu's arrival has brought into her life. But as the battle begins, Stu may just be too late already. 'AlphaNumeric' is published by Lodestone Books in paperback and eBook and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in major retailers.

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