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You and your past lives

From Atlantis and Gaia by Diana Mary Rose / www.o-books.com

Atlantis and Gaia

Reincarnation is a byword for living another lifetime. Everyone knows that, but who you were is a guessing game. Unless you are me. I am a psychic and I hear about reincarnation all the time. Famous stars come up regularly, and I am going to mention a few here. Not that they would understand me in the least. They probably would say I am a crazy woman. Well, I am going to take a chance here and spill the beans on a few celebrities and their incarnational heritage. It’s not crazy, but it is psychic. I hear from soul. But first, I am going to talk about reincarnation in general, and how you could be a king yourself. You never know. It could occur. Take a deep hard look in the mirror and intuit. You may visualise more than you can fathom. How did I do that, you wonder? I think I saw Henry the 8th just now. He was staring at me. That is called a soul recollection. You see who you were in a past life form. That could be you on a sunny morning doing the shaving. Personalities change but character remains, and it is character which shapes your face. The face shape-changes, or morphs, into a new personality type, and it looks rather like, well, you don’t say, Queen Mary. That’s crazy, you consider. It can’t be. I never even liked her at school. Don’t ignore your feelings. Self-hatred is common. But do write it all down.

Your current incarnation begins with your birth. Who knows who you were before that. You could have been a queen. Let’s take a random one. Queen Alexandra of the UK. She died in 1925. Perfectly possible. You could have been her. Why not? There are no rules to status. Lives revolve. That means we all go up and down the ladder of success regularly. If you are poor today, then you may have been rich last time and vice versa. If you are famous though, you could have an entire rolling stock of past and fascinating lifetimes. Talent tends to create genius at soul, and then you are on a mechanism with no end. You become one famous icon after another. Let’s take an example. David Beckham. His star is so bright that he goes from strength to strength. He has power extreme.

A superstar like David Beckham could have a collection of fascinating life forms hidden away in his back yard. The power is there. Well, I would call it magic really. He is unaware of any ethereal power. He has magistry. That is the technical term for superpower over the ordinary folk. David simply wouldn’t understand that, for he is not in the least psychic, or interested I dare say in past life ventures. It is the historian, as I am, who loves to delve beneath the surface of the current incarnation. David has his focus sternly on the challenge of empire building. He has millions in the bank. That is his goal right now.

We have all been famous on occasion, and to put it bluntly some of that fame was not adjusted correctly. That means it came off bad doings. Take the Rothschilds. They are super rich, but their personal lives have been bad luck more than once. Not everyone is good, and some of that Rothschild gold was created incorrectly. At soul there is no evil as such. There are incorrect handlings of money and so forth. The Rothschilds come under that category. They were unknowing too. This means they are atheists and had no understanding at all of karma. It doesn’t let them off, but what it does achieve is allow them to experience penitence when necessary. That means they understand loss in all its sadness. That is a penitence. As I said, they have suffered more than their fair share of bereavements over time.

Diana Mary Rose

I don’t want to frighten you, but you could have been Genghis Khan. Anything is possible out there in the superhighway of truth. We have all been killers, queens, even landowners and miners. We have all done everything but never in one lifetime. Karma is safe, it is strong, and it is exceptionally slow. Super evolved souls have no end of power. They create. That can mean building a financial empire of gold like David, and indeed Victoria is similar, or it may refer to a lifetime’s talent. Creative artists such as Elton John are geniuses at soul. They swoop down, take all the prizes, and then incarnate in another life form and do the same again. Irritatingly brilliant maybe, but nonetheless sound at soul. That is their task. To entertain the populace, and to do it as well as they can. So, will you ever get to that high status and take Elton’s prize from him? Yes, you could. Easily. All you need to do is to meditate for a few incarnations, study music for aeons and then blow the whistle on your poverty streak, heal all your karma, and then go out and play large stadiums. Sooner or later, you’ll get there. It is power that creates fame, and power is created through meditation. Fame comes through practising your instrument multiple times over, so that your talent is strengthened appropriately. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elton has been in his back garden playing an instrument since time began. His power is beyond reach of most of us. And his charitable work is phenomenal. But never say never. You can, and will, do the same if you choose. The choice is yours.

If you are famous now, there is a very good chance you have been famous multiple times over. Your power keeps you in high office. That doesn’t mean your luck is guaranteed. It is not. Take the Rothschilds again. They have bad luck often, but what they do have is greatness at soul. That means a Medici in one lifetime may well return as a Rothschild today.

Let’s take another footballer. Gary Lineker. He a radio star and a TV star and a famous footballer of yesteryear. He comes under my kingly category. Gary is a man who heals through good cheer. He is pleasant and honourable. That is a king in spiritual terms. He is not a wealth magnate like David. He heals through his charitable endeavour. Gary has been a king in a prior era. Allegedly I say here, for none of us really knows the truth about reincarnation. He has a kingly presence. He is quietly spoken and wise. So, if he were a king, which one you ask me? Well, I am going to fly off to the moon on a broomstick here and make a statement of truth. I believe Gary was William Wallace. That is because I heard it just now. I am a clairaudient. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue rather like you.

William Wallace was a nice enough chap, but he fell out of favour with the local warlord and one way or another he landed a whole load of karma onto his exceptionally broad shoulders. Then he decided that being a king, for that is what he was in essence, was not something to be proud of, and he depleted his gold supplies. He became a lesser mortal. His self-worth became corrupted through sloth and envious intrigue, and he came back as a princeling. He devolved to a lower status, albeit with the same power. After a series of monkdoms, a word which means taking the time to contemplate his lot through prayer, Gary at soul landed the role of Prince Regent. That was adequate as a half-way house between leader and second in command, which at soul was the correct mix for him at that one moment in time. So that was good. He enjoyed it, but he did put on a load of weight. He grew very fat indeed. He played cards a lot, another way of saying he got exceptionally little exercise. So, at the very beginning of this incarnation, he decided to start over. No, I will not be heir presumptive again. I’ve done that one. I’ll be a footballer. That means I get fit, I have to work for a living, and I get healthy. But I also want to lead. I am filling you in on Gary the schoolboy at soul. This is his wish list before incarnating. Allegedly I say with a nod and a wink. Soul desires don’t always occur, and how would I know? Well, as I said, I heard it just now. I am exceptionally talented. I have a load of celebrities in my back catalogue of past lives too. Back to Gary.

So, Gary put on a tracksuit, shot down the slide, popped out the door of truth, or the vulval gate as it is known upstairs, and became one of the greatest footballers alive. His power at soul created the means to achieve his enviable status. Talent follows on from power at soul. He achieved his dream, and now he leads through example. Lineker is a man of honourable intent. That means people follow him. So, when the BBC had that rumpus over a tweet recently, every one of his fellow presenters backed him to the hilt. They walked out of the BBC and held the corporation to ransom. A king’s ransom? Who knows. Kings create courts and courts follow kings, especially when the king is amiable and kind.

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