Understanding your gifts of healing and mediumship

16/11/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr
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Understanding Your Gifts of Healing and Mediumship

from Spirit Life and Science by Mahãn Hannes Jacob / www.o-books.com

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“We could have helped so many more patients, had I met Mr Jacob 20 years earlier… His healing method and results are simply mind-blowing.” Dr. Pierre Kaeser, M.D., Allergology and Clinical Immunology specialist

“Finally a serious dialogue bridging science and esotericism.” Prof. Dr. Laura Martignon, Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (MPG)

Ancient civilizations, cultural traditions and arcane texts have all foretold that Humanity would undergo a spiritual awakening in our time. This awakening is increasingly tangible in the material dimension and Humanity is in need of pioneering lightworkers. These advanced souls, whose personal and spiritual growth has led them away from a highly conventional lifestyle and who have blazed extraordinary trails, are now called to tell their stories and reveal part of the magic that every human being is made of and is capable of expressing.

Mahãn Hannes Jacob is one such person. He has devoted over thirty years of his life to the study and practical experience of modified consciousness states, including science-based experimentation in this yet-emerging field, as well as to the development and successful application, in his vocation as healer, of a particular form of trance which he named “Extraction of Pathological Information” (EPI). Now he has consigned this knowledge and experience in a book that not only shares his remarkable journey with the reader, but also, and in his eyes more importantly, concretely addresses the relationships between spirituality, mediumship, healing and science. It also offers a wealth of explanation, loving encouragement, and practical exercises that will enable the reader to embark upon and enhance his or her own path to personal growth and happiness, or simply offer new considerations and methods to help navigate an increasingly-stressful world.

Today we are asked to “follow the science” in a world turned topsy-turvy by a pandemic. Yet, while spirituality and science have two different approaches, they share the same quest: What is Truth? Instead of separating the two and settling for one or the other, Mahãn Hannes Jacob bridges the gap between them in the main areas of healing, distance healing and mediumship. He has consistently sought to have his work tested using rigorous scientific methods, and this has shown astonishing results which are shared with the reader.

Concrete and detailed accounts are provided of the procedures and findings of the experiments in the field of mediumship and healing in which Mahãn Hannes Jacob has participated, several of which have been reviewed and published by medical and psychological scholars from well-known institutes such as the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science and the University of Tübingen (Germany). In addition, he recounts other mediums’ experiments and experience in these areas, thus providing further context.

In collaboration with licensed Swiss and French physicians, he has already conducted two publicly-available clinical studies that statistically highlight the enormous potential of the EPI treatment method. One of these studies, conducted in 2017, found that “[t]he efficiency of the EPI treatment method is very convincing with regard to dairy product intolerance which has improved significantly in 96% of all cases.”

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The 96% success rate achieved in this study was so high that one of the very actively and enthusiastically involved physicians chose to step aside later in the process, as he feared that this success would seem so impossible in the eyes of his medical and scientific colleagues that their only possible explanation would have to be “fraud” and that he risked exclusion or least sanction by his professional peers. Other medical professionals have observed that there are no conventional medical techniques offering the same or similar efficacy. While the physicians had willingly collaborated in the study, their formal training had not led them to expect such results from a “non-conventional” technique. Yet at the end of the study, not only had the seemingly impossible been demonstrated to be measurably possible, it was – all the more astonishingly, in the doctors’ opinions – highly efficacious.

“Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature”, said St. Augustine, a theologian, philosopher and bishop of Hippo Regius in Numidia, Roman North Africa in the 4th century. In other words: while the EPI treatment appears to do miracles to the patients receiving it, these results in reality simply demonstrate the cause-and-effect principle of the energetic manipulation of particles, a technique that the scientific community of our time has not yet dared to approach and understand.

Deepak Chopra – in a single sentence – sums up what happens during an EPI treatment, when pathological information is changed almost instantaneously: “The human body is a river of intelligence, energy and information that is constantly renewing itself in every second of its existence.”

Mediumship is still an extremely obscure and frequently mischaracterized concept for most people, and dogma and folklore have strongly determined society’s perception of it. Popular culture and cinema have focused more on “mysterious powers” presented in such a way as to appear intimidating, hardly credible and generally unattainable, instead of on actual practice. Science has tended to focus on measurable results and visible achievements rather than on those it has been unable – or, perhaps, unwilling - to quantify or explain. Mahãn Hannes Jacob offsets these representations with an in-depth, experience-based explanation of what Mediumship can be for the individual, but also for those called to practice the healing arts, when it is understood, and offers the reader methods to assist him or her in reaching such understanding and the personal empowerment that connecting with one’s energy brings.

Humility, self-acceptance, and self-knowledge are individual works in constant progress, and the reader is consistently invited to contemplate them since they are essential to personal growth. What is energy? How do we interact with guardian angels and communicate with Spirit? How can we better understand, and therefore better apply, our clairvoyant capabilities? What is karma? What is meditation and how can it help me? Mahãn Hannes Jacob addresses these topics and other aspects of Mediumship so that the reader can have a more confident grasp of the concepts and tools available and the methods to apply to develop his or her skills. A workbook of exercises offers the reader opportunities for actual, guided practice.

We are all energy, but most of the time we do not realize it or fully appreciate our inner gifts. Spirit Life & Science - Understanding Your Gifts of Healing and Mediumship is Mahãn Hannes Jacob’s gift to us, reminding us that we are each important and capable of wonderful things. It encourages us to think about how this energy drives and affects our lives, individually and collectively, how best we can connect with it and how we can allow it to help us move forward to greater happiness and successful personal and spiritual growth, both for ourselves and for those around us.

Spirit Life & Science - Understanding Your Gifts of Healing and Mediumship by Mahãn Hannes Jacob is available from www.o-books.com or from wherever books are sold.

READ Spirit Life & Science - Understanding Your Gifts of Healing and Mediumship TODAY!



This book offers an unprecedented scientific approach to show the reader how anyone has the potential to develop astounding capabilities by understanding their natural spiritual gifts

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