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31/08/23 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr
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Are You a Mutant?

Step-by-Step Human Design Guide to Unleash Your Genius, Understand Your Uniqueness, and Thrive During Times of Transformation

by Raquel Reyna (


SUPERB! I found this an enjoyable and engaging read - G L Davies - Harvest: The True Story of Alien Abduction

We are in a constant search to understand who we are.

We consult the stars, prophets, gurus, priests, and personality assessment tools to answer the big questions like who am I and why am I here? We are missing the bigger, more accurate questions: who am I not?

Do you ever wake up wondering if you made the right choice? Do you ponder if the job you are about to take will work out beneficially in your life? Or cause you to spiral into a dark night of boss torture and office mates from hell, because you never can tell. Do these big choices cause you to spiral into confusion?

Wow, this used to be the case for me. I consulted every psychic, tarot card reader, and dream interpretation book to find answers. But, in all honesty, they never helped, not even a little. Some people turn to gurus, priests, or even trust family members. Still, others turn to personality assessment tools or business/life coaches. One thing is for sure, we all want answers to the big questions in our lives. We all want to understand if the choices we make will be beneficial, and we wonder if our past would be different if we had made different choices.

But one thing we do not usually do is contemplate how much of our thoughts, decision-making, or life choices are based on who we are not.

What do I mean by that? Well, let me back up a little. I am a mystical teacher in a system called Human Design. It is a system that merges the ancient mystery schools of the I Ching, Kabbalah, Astrology, and the Chakra system, along with the modern-day sciences of neutrino physics and quantum mechanics, weaving an undeniable understanding of yourself. I was introduced to this system by my partner, Davidian Lyon. Once he told me I was a Projector it gnawed at me until I researched a little deeper. You see, I thought, there was no way I could be a Projector, because I was such a “major manifestor” (wink, you will understand quickly we all think we are something WE ARE NOT”, But, like I said, it gnawed. It was that little faint whisper like the Cheshire cat’s smile calling me to go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Raquel Reyna

Once I discovered some of the aspects that defined the life of a Projector, like, people not recognizing you, having your ideas stolen non-stop, not being heard for your genius, and people disregarding your insights-I thought, how have people been watching my whole life? It freaked me out just a tad. Then I said, well, if this system knows about my entire life, maybe it knows how to fix it? You see, I have been a spiritual practitioner since I was 20, and I just couldn’t find my way in this world. I could touch the infinite, experience downloads beyond this world, and have conversations with my guides, but whenever I began to take action in this world, chaos and mayhem ensued. In my 20’s I had a vision to create a performance troupe like a mini-Stomp to bring light and transformation to the world. It was a big vision, and for me, it was a spiritual journey. But, in 3 short years, we were opening for big names like Jane’s Addiction, and War, performing with the Hedwig and Angry Inch cast, and having names like Michelle Pfeiffer, and Magic Johnson announcing us at events. I mean it was a crazy ride. I had success, but I also had burnout, betrayal, extreme pain, drama, and so much more shit. How did it get so out of control? I always wondered until all questions were answered when I found my Human Design Chart. All of this can be explained by the fact that I am a Line 5, Splenic Projector with a huge ego, here to shock and in my NOT-SELF theme, addicted to drama, not here to go out and make things happen. If I would have known a little about my chart in my 20’s my life would have been so much easier. Why I feel such a powerful force to assist those in their Saturn return before things get as crazy for them as it was for me. I have now witnessed hundreds of young (all ages) explore their Design and change their trajectory fast. Transformation happens so quickly and so much pain can be avoided. This is a consistent awareness with all of my clients, we all wish if only I had been brought to this information a little sooner.

So, what I am saying is, when you learn this system, you become exposed in the most enlightening and harrowing ways. Once I began learning, I also decided to take on the REAL EXPERIMENT… which is not just studying or memorizing it… it is LIVING IT!

This means for 7 years, you try and live your unique Strategy for your Type, and no, I am sorry nothing else worked for me. Maybe you can intuitively find your way for some Types but not for me, not for Mutants, and not for Projectors. I took on the experiment and it was radical. My life immediately began to change for the better. I had to make some hard choices, like saying no to best friends who didn’t recognize me and waiting before hustling in my business. Everything changed and it was magical, very hard, very scary, very INTENSE. But the intel saved my life. Once I got it, all the spiritual teachings made sense, all my downloads were decipherable, and I understood how to live a life and create a business unique to me.

Before you take on the experiment, you are being run by your Not-Self. Yes, even after doing spiritual work and processing, the not-self or transference theme might just rule your life. Of course, some people who have awakened through spiritual tools will find it a little easier to look at themselves, but trust me, even those of you who think you have done all the work in the world or have deconditioned on your own, there are little insights lurking in whom your MIND THINKS YOU ARE, that disrupts everything. It becomes very problematic if you think you have already deconditioned. Because that is just the mindset that keeps you trapped in jobs, careers, patterns, or relationships, that don’t align with your trust highest expression of truth that you are designed for. Regardless of your age, your soul is calling you to not just give your truth lip service but to live it. So, yes, does this path take the courage and power of the warrior- you bet your ass! Yes, the mind takes on an identity and it rules you.

It creates worlds and gives you things to do, leading you down all the wrong roads. I loved when people come out and say they have evolved it all; they show their cards, and as a Projector, I see all those places where people are lying to themselves about their enlightenment. They think they just don’t need to worry about all the patterns, conditioning elements, pressures of the open Centers, or the Transferences, but then it knocks them upside the head. This process is ongoing. You never just arrive. As long as you are human and you haven’t walked on water or turned the water into wine, chances are you are still in the process of becoming.

This process is important. This process is discovering who you are not, it isn’t just a simple yoga pose, it is practical. It works on worldly affairs. It aligns you with the right people the right career, and the right jobs. It is the tool you all long for, it is the thing that will put every guru, tarot card reader, or fortune teller out of business. This is because you will NEVER go outside yourself for guidance again. You will know exactly who you are, how to align to your truth, and which direction is best for your soul. Your life, wisdom, and genius will shine, and you will awaken to a truth inside you that will be so powerful, calm, all-knowing, and ever-present that empowerment, satisfaction, and success will be yours!

Are You a Mutant? Step by Step Human Design Guide to Unleash Your Genius, Understand Your Uniqueness, and Thrive During Times of Transformation

by Raquel Reyna is available from and from wherever books are sold.


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