The Mysteries of Reality

25/03/21 | By gayle kimball
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The Mysteries of Reality


Dialogues with Visionary Scientists

by Gayle Kimball

What is reality? Is there more than what we know from our five senses? Visionary scientists believe there is more and are formulating a non-materialist paradigm that they believe expands human potential. Going against the dominant worldview evokes ridicule, as in “Why study flying pigs?” The book therefore explores the personal backgrounds of the scientists to find out why they are so courageous. We learn that there is another dimension that allows for paranormal abilities.

Gayle Kimball interviewed 65 visionary scientists, leaders in the Consciousness Movement to learn what their research findings reveal about reality, and to ask about their personal development to discover why they’re so brave. The three books in the Mysteries Trilogy explore how consciousness shapes reality, enables healing and provides access to knowledge from beyond the physical senses. These visionary scientists conclude that we are more than our physical bodies with more potential than we realize and that science needs to expand to account for consciousness. “The new science embraces all of science, but it’s reframing it to have a bigger perspective. This means that we can make sense of data that doesn’t fit and we can make new predictions that can be tested, confirmed or disconfirmed. It’s an expansion of science that reverses and changes the way you experience what you know,” explained Gary Schwartz.* He added, “This perspective turns everything on its head. It’s like realizing that the sun no longer revolves around the earth” and encourages reuniting science and spirituality. The scientists are concerned that the prevailing materialist paradigm limits our abilities and has devastating consequences, including destruction of our environment.


Reality is not what we think it is—that’s what we learn from the visionary scientists. Common sense erroneously tell us that we live in a solid material world, that atoms are like billiard balls with definite locations and time is a one-directional arrow. This is all false. As physicist Max Planck said in 1931, “I have spent my entire life studying atoms and molecules and I’m here to tell you that they don’t exist.” He explained in his book The New Science that there is no matter as such because atoms vibrate and are held together by a force that indicates a “conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter,” thus matter is derived from consciousness. The materialist belief is that all information comes from the physical senses via the brain but many people experience ESP (Extra Sensory Perception like knowing who will telephone), telepathy, a precognitive dream or intuition, awareness of being stared at, or a dramatic near-death experience that reveals other dimensions, as it did for neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.

These cutting-edge trail blazers persist despite denial from those who don’t bother to read their scholarly research studies with results thousands of times beyond what chance would predict. Recognition of the importance of our consciousness, intent, and emotions has major implications for health care, morality, and goal achievement. Bernardo Kastrup views materialist dogma as making us collectively mad, enmeshed in a collective trance that leads to immorality. The condition of our environment is proof of this insanity. Larry Dossey observes we face a “horrible crisis in ethics and morality.”

I have known most of the contributors for many years, but I knew almost nothing about their backgrounds and private thoughts about the issues you raised. The book is a profound contribution to our understanding of consciousness, healing, and basic common sense in living in today's complex world. Endorsement: Larry Dossey, MD:

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