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manjitIn September 2003, I had a profound insight that would change my entire worldview and fuel the writing of this book. At the time, I had actually begun to write, not knowing how the book would end.

Having decided on the content of the first few chapters, I turned my attention to some of the current problems that exist within cosmology. I had a sense that there was something missing, if only I knew what it was. It seemed to be on the tip of my mind!

One afternoon, I took a break and went for a walk in the Ashridge woods near my home. I found an oak tree with a low branch and sat so that my feet were left dangling. I remembered a video I had seen a few years back, featuring the cosmologist, Brian Swimme, in which he described how it is possible to sense the rotation of the Earth by simply becoming aware of it. So, whilst sitting suspended on an oak tree, I tried to feel the Earth’s rotation.

Suddenly, I was thrust into an infinity of spinning orbs. In a moment that seemed to transcend space and time, conveying many books of information in just a few seconds, I understood what I now call the Black Hole Principle.

All the pieces of information I had been studying suddenly fitted together into a framework that is elegant and simple, but also allows for infinite, emergent complexity. This vision has formed the basis for this book and is nothing less than a new view of the cosmos.

What was also clear to me during this experience is how little we know about the universe. Even the Black Hole Principle is just a tiny part of an infinite design. The human race may never truly understand the full workings of the cosmos. All we can do is move from paradigm to paradigm.newton

Each scientific revolution refines and completes the one before it, but requires a total leap in consciousness. Hence Newton realized that the force that causes an apple to fall is the same one that keeps the planets in orbit. Einstein realized that space and time are not fixed, but relative. Heisenberg developed the idea of wave-particle duality. And now, in the early 21st century, we are ready to take another leap.

In our era, the situation in science is similar to that of the end of the 19th century. People are yet again announcing that all the laws of the universe have been found; there are no further conceptual leaps to be made. All we have left is to refine what we already know. In the book, The End of Science, John Horgan writes, “the great era of scientific discovery is over ... Further research may yield no more great revelations of revolutions, but only incremental, diminishing returns.”

The time is right for a change in science: for the next big discovery. This revolution will place consciousness at the very heart of an intelligent universe. This movement started to gain momentum in the early 1970s and every year sees a gathering of pace.

There are many who decry this movement as heresy and pseudoscience. Just as in all scientific revolutions that have come before, those firmly entrenched in the older paradigm will try to discredit the proponents of the new. Eventually, time provides the answer and the old guard will be dead and forgotten, leaving future generations incredulous at their lack of vision, just as we are amazed by the blindness of those who refused to believe that the Earth is round.

Before my visionary experience in the woods, I had set out to explain those aspects of life that are currently deemed unscientific and paranormal. I had realized, during my experience as a medical doctor and a practitioner of energy medicine, that the techniques used in energy medicine could greatly benefit patients within the orthodox system. However, one of the main barriers to the use of energy medical techniques within the mainstream is the lack of a scientific explanation as to how they work. I started to realize that developments in modern physics, such as the concept of nonlocality, have direct parallels with energy medicine. So I began to explore these connections and uncovered many more links between esoteric knowledge and modern physics.

In fact, Horgan’s statement, that there is nothing more to find in science, is an extraordinary one, as there are many aspects of life that we find inexplicable. Our current scientific establishment does not even deem these anomalies worthy of study, yet they have crept into the public consciousness and are gradually becoming mainstream interests.

The realms of mysticism and esoteric wisdom, including psychic abilities, distant healing, channeling, near death experiences and angelic encounters are becoming commonplace in our popular culture. The public interest in such subjects is growing. If this were mere fashion or fad, this growth would not be sustained. This genuine interest comes from the fact that many have had actual life experiences of the above. This has resulted in a personal understanding of the reality of such phenomena. However, the scientific establishment tends to ignore such experiences and fails to explain them.

As more people have such experiences, a new science is called for. Amazingly, we have all the information we need to provide possible scientific explanations for many esoteric phenomena, but in many cases, these links have not been made. This is starting to change as we realize that the content of modern science looks remarkably similar to esoteric knowledge.blackhole

For example, by linking separate areas of science, the conclusions made about our universe, obtained by a branch of physics called quantum theory, can be applied to other areas of science. This can help us make sense of anomalies of Nature that have puzzled scientists for centuries. These conclusions also lay the foundation for the Black Hole Principle, a model of the universe that fits cosmological data and solves mysteries currently plaguing scientists such as the origin of high-energy cosmic rays.

This is how Punk Science was born: from a recognition that science needs to find a radical voice yet again. It has become lost in the quagmire of funding and bureaucracy and lost its spirit of adventure.

This book will take you on a journey exploring the importance of science itself in our modern culture and why it underpins our lives and shapes our paradigms. It will explore how science has lost its soul and how it is beginning to regain it. Once the soul is put back into science, certain scientific conundrums become clear in the realms of biology, physics and those areas of life commonly known as paranormal. Hence we gain new perspectives on topics such as evolution, the origins of life and distant healing.

Once we have gained this understanding, we will then explore Black Hole Principle: a new vision of the cosmos that makes sense of astronomical data currently puzzling astrophysicists.

This principle has applications in many areas of life from medicine to politics.

But first, we shall start with examining why such an exploration is necessary at all. We shall start by saying it like it is.


Cover artwork master (10.9mm)Punk Science - Inside the Mind of God

ISBN: 978-1-90504-793-2, $22.95 / £12.99, paperback, 336pp

Wow! Punk Science is an extraordinary journey from the microcosm of the atom to the macrocosm of the Universe and all stops in between. Manjir Samanta-Laughton's synthesis of cosmology and consciousness is sheer genius. It is elegant, simple and, as an added bonus, makes great reading. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Ever wondered what life is all about? Do you sense there might be a bigger picture? You are not alone. Many people have experiences that cannot be explained by the current scientific model. Experiences of God, psychic abilities, extraordinary healing and angelic encounters are becoming more common, but most scientists say that such phenomena are not possible, or "real"; so what is going on? Surprisingly, ideas from the cutting-edge of science can actually explain phenomena that have previously been thought of as 'paranormal'. At the start of the 21st century, science has come full circle and it's becoming hard to find where science ends and spiritual wisdom starts. Punk Science explores the increasing links between the worlds of high-energy physics and ancient mystical wisdom, and the possibilities of an integrated future. It provides a modern scientific explanation for phenomena such as ghostly apparitions, distant healing, psychic mediums and much more, all explained in language that is accessible and easy to read.

Dr Samanta-Laughton, MD began a quest to highlight the links between science and spiritual ideas. This has culminated in the emergence of a new scientific vision that she communicates to the public in popular lectures, workshops and numerous articles. She has co-founded the children of the New World conferences, is the UK contributing editor to Children of the New Earth magazine in California, has a science column in Planet Lightworker magazine, and is featuring on C4 and Sky documentaries screening in 2006. She lives in Buxton, England.  See www.punkscience.com


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