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Refine & Grow: Lessons Learned on Navigating the Business World is a new book that Business Books is releasing July 1st.

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The book guides middle and upper managers in business and technology fields on how to improve their relationships and reputation, which leads to promotion and an increase in career satisfaction and fulfillment levels.

The first time author, Lynse Allen, is a Management Consultant primarily based in the Seattle and Oklahoma City areas. She spent the past ~15 years working with and for a number of Fortune 500 companies and their employees – including Amazon, Microsoft, Hitachi, Ernst & Young, Starbucks, Mitsubishi, T-Mobile, Grant Thornton, and more. Over that time period, Lynse wrote down her observations of the people she worked with – filling up multiple spiral notebooks with the best advice she received from clients, colleagues, and Executives. Lynse identified patterns in behaviors, communication, and approaches to problem solving that perpetually indicated whether the person was well respected and promoted, or seen as someone whom everyone else “worked around” to get things done. She turned these themes into a methodology or guidebook. Each of the 10 chapters is named after a piece of advice she received, and contains details on how to interpret, execute, and think like this group of well-respected forces within the global, corporate workforce.

In 2019, Lynse left her Management Consulting firm to start her own business focused on coaching and personal development workshops. Her company, Refine & Grow LLC, is where the primary title of the book comes from. The name represents the two cycles Lynse defines as required in order to achieve self-development and build new skills. There are cycles of growth – rapid learning and new information – often the more painful cycle; and cycles of refinement – or fine-tuning, perfecting your approach, skill, or goal. While the growth and refinement cycles come to light most often in people’s personal path toward development, they are also true for businesses. A company grows its strategy, approaches, design, and customer base – and then slows, focusing on continuous improvement, or refinement of policies, procedures, and new skills that the growth cycle forced. Lynse demonstrates the cyclical pattern in her brand and logo – as two circles between the terms “Refine” and “Grow”.

In addition to coaching and workshops, Lynse co-hosts the podcast Refine & Grow with Justin & Lynse. The podcast launched in 2021 and there are currently over 50 episodes available. Topics include an overview of soft skills required for success, career journey tactics and paths, and interviews and advice from experts at Fortune 500 companies. The latest season of the podcast premiered the first week of June, and is a support resource for the release of the book Refine & Grow: Lessons Learned on Navigating the Business World. The season introduces the audience to a couple of Lynse’s best mentors – who are discussed throughout the book. These mentors share their knowledge and stories of how to best navigate a complex business world. Many of the lessons in the book were passed down to Lynse through her mentors, who learned the advice and tactics through their managers, professional networks, role experiences, career changes, and own mentors. Lynse interviews her mentors and asks them to help provide context around each chapter by detailing the stories behind their perspective on each chapter, and sharing their own learnings and approaches on building a successful career using the principles Lynse outlines in her guidebook.

A primary goal of Refine & Grow: Lessons Learned on Navigating the Business World is to focus on career advice that transcends time and generations. All of the lessons outlined in each chapter were passed down from one set of mentors to the next. While the lessons are not widely known and have never been laid out so simplistically before – they have been around for decades. Because the lessons focus on building a solid foundation of soft skills that enhance your ability to influence outcomes and relationships, they are able to withstand many of the changes that have occurred in the workplace over time due to developments in technology, workplace lay-outs and models, customer expectations, and generational or cultural norms. This is because regardless of these new workplace developments and transitions the need to be influential, identify solutions, build strong relationships at work, create a diverse professional network, and form a solid reputation – all while remaining engaged, curious, and passionate about the tasks and responsibilities you own – are the foundational soft skills anyone who wants to improve their work-life experience must acquire.

Chapters of Refine & Grow: Lessons Learned on Navigating the Business World appear in the order in which the author learned them. The book begins by outlining the mindset and approach to take when interviewing for, and onboarding to a new role or company – and ends with self-reflection tactics to help the reader determine when it’s time to transition to a new job, company, or role. Chapter titles are named after the quote of advice Lynse received and are seen as an over-arching category of lessons, or rules that, if followed, inevitably lead to a better experience in the workplace. Many sub-lessons are outlined and discussed in each chapter, with clear strategies for how to turn the advice from intangible to tangible execution strategies. Additionally, a summary is provided at the end of each chapter re-capping every sub-lesson, and outlining when and how to implement the strategies. A business glossary is also referenced and provided in the appendix to help clarify any business terms the reader is not familiar with.

To get your copy of Refine & Grow: Lessons Learned on Navigating the Business World go here to pre-order from, or here to pre-order directly from Collective Ink’s site.

Listen to the podcast Refine & Grow with Justin & Lynse on Spotify, Apple, Google, or go directly to the Refine & Grow website. Additional resources, such as tips & tricks for success worksheets are also available at the website. To keep up with the latest episodes and updates on the book, follow Refine & Grow’s LinkedIn page.



Refine & Grow

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