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27/05/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr
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Welcome to Management!

By Mikil Taylor author of The Beginner's Guide to Managing: A Guide to the Toughest Journey You'll Ever Take available from www.business-books.com


Congratulations, you have been promoted into a management position! You’ve produced incredible work over the past few years and are widely seen as an up-and-coming leader in the company.

As a reward, the next few years will be some of the most difficult of your life. Every skill that has brought you to this point will prove to be nearly useless.

Project management experience does not help when you have an employee who refuses to learn from her mistakes.

Incredible coding proficiency does not explain how to react when your best employee tells you he’s leaving in two weeks unless you give him a 30% raise.

The ability to close tough sales will not make it any easier to handle two direct reports who just messily broke up after secretly dating for months.

Are you still sure you want to do this?


No single resource can possibly make the transition to management simple, but this book will give the motivated and driven first-time manager the tools they need to succeed in one of the most impossible situations to master and will help their boss to train them in the skills they need to develop quickly. This book, in conjunction with a motivated new manager and a boss excited to see one of their most talented employees take the next step in their career, will guide the manager along the challenging transition from employee to boss.

Too many great employees fail to become great managers, because the skills that make a great employee do not automatically translate into an ability to inspire and drive a team towards fantastic results. The book flags the main challenges that a new manager will face and gives actionable advice that they can immediately apply with their new team.

The book places most of its guidance in the context of the relationship between the new boss and the rest of their team, because this relationship is the foundation that holds everything else in place. Most new managers have an especially difficult time with this because there they have no guidance for how to build a relationship where they are in a position of authority over others. Most default to the extremes of behavior they have seen from their own bosses, which frequently leads to new managers who yell a lot, micromanage, undermanage, refuse to engage in conflict, or show other signs of someone who is desperately trying to do well but does not know how to use the tools they’ve been given. A manager who fails to develop a strong relationship with their team, or one who actively damages the relationship, will never be able to lead a long-lasting high-quality team.

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After reading this book, the new manager will have the tools they need to build strong relationships with their team, and to use those relationships to drive and sustain a high-performing team.

Welcome to Management.

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