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The Original Goddess


Every goddess that there has ever been owes their existence to the true essence of the Mother of Life the Babylonians called Tiamat. Each and every goddess we know today are splinters, or sparks of the original feminine power that once held the power of the Tablets of Destiny that allowed her to rule the universe.

The earliest recorded creator deity was Nammu the Sumerian Mother Goddess who gave birth to heaven and earth. Heaven she called An[i], a son of wisdom and creation and Earth she called Ki, the daughter of knowledge and action. Between them they gave birth to Enlil who was the god of the air and bought the universe into being by separating heaven and earth and filling the space with air.

A thousand years later The Mother of Life was called Tiamat and described as a boundless ocean of salt water floating in nothingness, asleep. With the emerging power of a patriarchal world and the growing strengths of the gods in the new age of metals, it was inevitable that a god would have had something to do with creation of the universe. Tiamat was woken by the presence of the fresh water ocean of Apsu and soon merged with the Father’s energy giving birth to all the gods and goddesses in the process. Unfortunately for Tiamat and Apsu their offspring enjoyed partying and playing with the humans mind too much, making a lot of noise doing it. For them, life was about fun. It was not long before Tiamat and Apsu become angry at the constant noise their children were making and as parents they were obliged to do something about it. Tiamat was all for punishing her children in some way but Apsu wanted to destroy them in a great flood of his waters, wipe them out completely; it would solve the problem there and then. While they argued, Enki, the Lord of the Earth and half-brother of Enlil, had got wind of the plot and casts a spell over Apsu so that he falls into a deep sleep and imprisons him deep underground in a sacred chamber.

The loss of her husband sparks the rage of Tiamat who brings war to her offspring by giving birth to an army of demons to march behind her. She is met by Enki’s son Marduck who challenges the Mother of Life to single combat. Tiamat is slain and cut in two with her bottom halve imprisoned in the deepest depths of the earth to become the underworld and her top half exiled to the highest reaches of the heavens to become the Upperworld. The human mind became cut in half at the same time when the lower self became separated from the higher self allowing glamour and illusion into the void.

Marduck took control of the Tablets of Destiny and began making records of his story. He made Inanna the queen of the gods and goddesses who resided in the light of the Upperworld and her sister Ereshkigal queen of the underworld and realm of the dead.

Time was divided into parts that ran a linear past, present and future path rather than the natural cycles of nature, birth, death and rebirth leaving humanity divided through pride of identity creating injustice, anger, aggression, war and suffering that has plagued the world ever since.

Tiamat has been fractured into many goddesses that are in essence a spark of herself. As separate individuals the goddesses can be kept in their place, at best a consort to a god and at worst a she demon that is intent to wreak havoc on mankind. She is weak compared to the aggressive controlling masculine energy of Marduck that governs to this day. Until the Mother of Life gets herself together the pain and suffering will remain. Imagine a combined force that included Ishtar, Aditi, Isis, Athena, Kuan Yin, Aphrodite, Brigit, Freyja, Hecate and Kali leading the battle. No force on earth could match the strength and guile of Goddess United.

For the past 5,000 years we have been guided by the patriarchal God of Fear, or Fear of God to be more accurate. It is the fear of being different from the rest of the herd, the fear of being yourself. It is the fear of making a mistake or of failure, the fear of losing and the fear of death. Most of all it is the fear of fear itself. The oldest trick in the book to create fear is using the suspicion that comes when a society or even a nation is divided into groups. Come on you Reds. Divide and rule as they say.

Our societies are like a living cell that grows by dividing itself, each time growing further away from the unity of the goddess, allowing a minority to control the herd mind of the majority. A society will divide through politics, religion, philosophy, class, colour, career and even sport; come on you blues.

The majority has become so divided that we tend to face inwards at our own troubles rather than seek outwardly for what we have in common.

We live on the same planet.

We have a physical body and a spiritual soul.

We breathe the same air, we are born, we eat and drink, we grow, we bleed, we learn, we work and play, we breed and we protect those that we love. We laugh and we cry and ultimately we will all die.

We are brothers and sisters of the Earth Family.

It must be time for the Mother to return and to stand side by side as an equal with Father. We need the balance to bring comfort into the crazy unjust world we live in today. Compassion and equality will return with Mother when the upper and underworlds come together once more and give humanity our connection back to the past of our ancestors and glimpse at the future through our personal gods and goddesses. Bringing together all the goddesses back to the One will free the unconscious feminine energy that will bring balance, harmony and unity back to the human mind.

[i] Sometimes called Anu.


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