Moon Books Poets 7: Jennifer Teixeira

11/04/22 | By Trevor Greenfield

Jennifer Teixeira (Aka Mme. Hummingbird & Bird) is a well respected Witch, High Priestess and Healer living in the California Redwoods. She has been a practicing witch since 1995 and in 2009 went forward on her priestess path with The Starflower Coven and The Amazon Blood Mothers of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. A lover of plants and the mysteries they hold encouraged her to seek the solace of the California Redwoods and to create her witches garden in the shade of the redwoods. She was the lead Herbalist at the Eureka Community Herbal Health Care Clinic serving the unhoused and Iv Drug Addicted Community of Humboldt County and has her own online business at Jennifer is the author of Temple of the Bones: Rituals to the Goddess Hekate

Cult of Mystery

I enter the nocturnal realms

The liminal space between

Within the garden of shadows

I see the mighty Queen

In this place she plucks a rose,

The most beautiful I’ve ever seen,

She reminds of the thorns that grow

At the stem of this little being.

“Remember that you too grow,

In a world of duality,

That whosoever plucks the pretty rose,

Can also be met with Brutality”


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