Moon Books Monthly Update: April 2022

04/04/22 | By Trevor Greenfield

Moon Books April Update


Naming the God, a Moon Books anthology... A series of critical essays discussing many of the aspects of male deity and a spiritual gazetteer of over fifty gods

Sumer Is Icumen In, Melusine Draco... Reclaiming one of the oldest pagan fire festivals

Pantheon – The Norse, Morgan Daimler... Getting to know Norse Heathenry and its Gods and Goddesses

Healing Plants of Greek Myth by Angela Paine... Tracing the myths surrounding plants used as medicine within the very temples where worship of the god Asclepius took place


Jhenna Telyndru - will be sitting on a few panels and giving a keynote talk on "Empowerment Midwifery" for the eighth annual AvaCon, an online conference hosted by Sisterhood of Avalon. April 2-3, 2022. All women are welcome to attend. Tickets are offered on a pay what you wish donation basis, but we ask for a minimum donation of $5 to cover Eventbrite fees. More information can be found here:

Lucya Starza - Saturday 2 April, an online talk on Scrying: Crystals Balls, Dark Mirrors and Vessels of Water through The Last Tuesday Society and The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities. Time: 7.30pm. Tickets from £5.82

Lucya Starz - Saturday 23 April, a talk on scrying at Dragon Fly Yoga Studio, 24 Sydenham Road, London SE26 5QW. Time: 4pm. Entry is by donation

Lucya Starza - 29 April, an online workshop on The Magic Mirror: The History and Practice of Skrying via the Magickal Women Conference. Time: 7pm. Tickets:

Frances Billinghurst - 10 April giving an online talk on the contemporary witchcraft in the Southern Hemisphere for the Neopagan India Club Frances Billinghurst –

Frances Billinghurst - 16th April hosting a "gold coin donation" full moon gathering at Semaphore South beach (over Easter weekend)

Frances Billinghurst - 22 April: Six week "Sacred Journeying" course will commence - this is a spiritual development course that takes psychic abilities to a deeper level

Roselle Angwin - two f-to-f weeklong writing retreats on the thin-veiled sacred Isle of Iona, focusing on the spirit of the land (and sea). One begins on Sunday and finishes on 3rd April; the second begins on 7th.

Rachel Patterson Don’t forget Rachel’s live chat every Friday in April at 9am

Sign up for MoonConn22… July 2-3 2020 Midday ‘til late


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