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08/08/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr
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Harry Potter

Bea's Witch

A runaway adoptee encounters the ghost of a witch. She must wrestle her past to discover the witch’s secret and find her way home.

The future can be rewritten.

On the eve of her twelfth birthday, Beatrice Crosse runs away from her adoptive home only to encounter the ghost of England's most famous prophetess. The witch offers her treasure, but can she be trusted?

Bea must wrestle her past to discover the witch’s secret and find her way home.

Harry Potter



Through different facets of the U.S. immigration system, Borderlines explores how power and profit are perpetuated by the divisions between migrant and citizen and the resulting dehumanization of both.

The current U.S. immigration nightmare is a product of capitalism. The familiar, heart-breaking stories of dangerous treks, migrant exploitation, asylum, family separation and detention all have their roots in the material conditions of the dominant economic system. Immigrants’ place in American democracy has long been intertwined with questions of cheap labor and exploitation, sovereign power, and the preservation of class relations. Through different facets of the immigration system, Borderlines explores how power and profit are perpetuated by the divisions between migrant and citizen and the resulting dehumanization of both. It demonstrates the necessity of a radical working-class demand for economic and political justice across borders and the edges of democracy.



Contemporary Witchcraft

An informative and practical guide into the foundational practices of contemporary witchcraft.

There are an abundance of approaches to witchcraft and modern Wicca today with many encouraging an “anything goes” approach, opposed to what Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern witchcraft, set out. Contemporary Witchcraft: Foundational Practices for a for the Magical Life offers an alternative for the seeker who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of a more traditional approach to the Craft. By tapping into the essence of the teachings handed down by Gardner, and later Alex Sanders, this book provides the reader with invaluable tools and techniques that will enable them to set a foundation upon which to build their ongoing magical and spiritual practice. Regardless of whether the seeker is interested in joining a coven or not, contemporary witchcraft is about dedication and devotion in order for the greater mysteries to be revealed. Contemporary Witchcraft: A Foundation for the Magical Life offers an insight into how the non-initiate can achieve this in their own practices



Death, Where Is Your Sting?

As lawmakers continue to use religion and religious ethics as a guide, questions of life after death are not only eternal, but urgent.

Death, Where Is Your Sting? is about both the process of dying and the question of what, if anything, happens after death. Robert Reiss knows the answers to his questions have eluded philosophers and theologians past, but he gives a compelling argument as to why we should continue to ask the question in light of new evidence from neuroscience and new interpretations of the New Testament. Paying close attention to the contested issue of assisted dying, Reiss shows that questions of life after death are not only eternal, but urgent, as lawmakers continue to use religion and religious ethics as a guide.



The Flying Springbok

Despite the odds, it is one of the world's longest-surviving and most fascinating airlines.

An artistic rendering of the African antelope, the Springbok, was depicted with stylized wings to serve as the logo of South African Airways (SAA) for well over 60 years. It was replaced by a new corporate identity when the airline was rebranded after the demise of apartheid, the release of Nelson Mandela from political incarceration, and the introduction of a non-racist democratic society in South Africa in the mid-nineties. As a state-owned entity, many people once saw SAA as the 'apartheid airline.' For a time, travel on board its aircraft was restricted to whites only, but this was later changed to include members of all the country's diverse racial groups. SAA pioneered flight throughout Africa during the colonial era, long before airports, supply services, radio and weather forecasting capabilities even existed. Its staff and equipment served with the Allies in Europe and North Africa during WWII and it met the enormous challenge of having to circumvent African airspace when flying to destinations abroad after most African nations closed their skies to it in protest against the country's racist policies in the early sixties.

Over the years the airline grew into one of the world's major domestic, regional, and international carriers. Its long history was eventually terminated and replaced by a new entity in 2020 with the the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In its original incarnation it could proudly boast of being one of the world's oldest and longest-surviving international carriers. It is still seen by many around the world as the airline with that much revered and fondly remembered emblem, the Flying Springbok.



Looking Back on the Future

A shamanic journey to wholeness through the Andean Mystical teachings of the 7 Saiwas (sigh-wahs) and spiritual path of the Paqo.

Looking Back on the Future takes the reader on a mystical journey into the Andean Cosmo-Vision, the ancient teachings of Andean spirituality, and their relevance for our current world. As a bridge to awakening, and our collective evolution, this body of knowledge is timeless and essential in nature, holding keys to guiding our global family back into Ayni (sacred reciprocity), and harmony with each other, the Earth, Stars, and all Life. In this book you will learn about the 7 Saiwas, Universal Laws that lead to the transformation of consciousness and reconnection with our origins. Traditionally, these teachings and transmissions are passed down to the initiate and Paqo, (Masters of the Living Energy), during their training, which is how I received them. I've been given permission by my teachers to bring this timeless wisdom forward, and share these gifts with those ready to anchor the Light of the Golden Age here on Earth. It is my prayer that this book assists you and all beings to attain Unity within and without as we pass through this portal and Shift of the Ages.



Pagan Portals - Blodeuwedd

A reclamation of the true nature of Blodeuwedd, a widely misunderstood Welsh Goddess whose myth holds deep wisdom and powerful lessons for the modern day seeker.

Like a gathering of flowers from hedge and field, or a cloak made of owl feathers, Blodeuwedd is a figure of great complexity. She is both Flower Maiden and Owl of Wisdom… unfaithful wife and representative of Sovereignty… fallen woman and feminist heroine… medieval cautionary tale and reclaimed divinity. Yet, for all of these seeming inconstancies, the key to understanding Blodeuwedd is being able to see her as a whole. Bringing together strands of Celtic lore, Welsh literature, British folk practice, and modern devotion, Celticist Jhenah Telyndru weaves a solid foundation from which scholars and seekers alike can come into deeper relationship with this oft-misunderstood figure. Ultimately, this journey to reclaim Blodeuwedd’s identity - a Sovereignty Goddess who ensured the cycle of the seasons by choosing, in turn, to partner with the Solar Hero of Summer and the Otherworldly Champion of Winter - reveals a transformational mythic pathway that can also guide us in the reclamation of our own sovereignty.



Red Dress: A Novel

A career mum in her 40s who is stressed out and time-starved embarks on an unexpected adventure.

Katy is a career mum in her 40s who’s stressed out, time-starved, and disenchanted with her successful life. She has a handsome husband, a house in London, and two teenage children. Her therapy practice in Harley Street is thriving, but she feels empty and lost. She’s forgotten who she is and what makes her tick.

An impulsive decision sets in motion a domino effect that changes her life. A series of events, a meeting with someone from the past, and a sequence of numbers, send her on a rollercoaster ride to finding herself. With some trepidation, Katy embarks on a path of spiritual awakening and embraces a new way of thinking.



Secrets of Angels on Earth

Clues to help angels on earth, from before birth, until after death.

Secrets of Angels on Earth is the first book to describe an earth angel’s journey from past lives, reincarnation, and pregnancy, through child and adulthood, to life after death. It answers questions on what is love, what is a soul mate, déjà vu, how to meditate, how to succeed with true love, and how to be happy. A new definition of love can inspire belief and faith for seekers, mystic teachers, and physicians alike. Highlights include how love improves anger management and relieves depression, anxiety, sadness, fear, and emotions. Learn how love creates vitality and health in your mind, body and spirit.



Quaker Quicks - Hope and Witness in Dangerous Times

An invitation to learn from the Quakers about being “angelic troublemakers” in these difficult times!

This book invites all people of faith to consider how our personal and communal faith practices in growing deeper spirituality should bring us to a fresh engagement with the needs of this world. This includes being active in promoting those values which align with our understanding of the gospel and standing against injustice, oppression, and evil inflicted on any of God’s children. Such activism, rooted in deep spirituality, may include being what Quaker civil rights activist Bayard Rustin called “angelic troublemakers.”



The Way of the Rabbit

An affectionate history of nature’s most surprising species.




Where After

A journey that will compel readers to view life after death in a completely different way.

Where - do our loved ones go - After they die? This is the question that has traversed the universe for centuries and is considered one of life’s greatest mysteries. While many of the world’s renowned philosophers, scientists, theorists, doctors, and great mystics endorsed the existence of the afterlife, no one book has been available to explore it all, until now.

Mariel Forde Clarke asserts that whether you believe in God or heaven, you can be comforted by the sense that an afterlife exists beyond the realm of one's physical comprehension. Drawing on the findings of patients who have had near-death experiences and visions, and on those of renowned scientists and doctors, Clarke helps the reader chart the journey of the soul and navigate their grief.


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