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Astro-charactersYour creativity may well be affected by a figure that lives inside you and of whom you are probably not even aware – except when you hear its nagging voice and feel its fearful vibes. An inner saboteur, for instance, subtly obstructs your purpose or trips you up, an inner critic constantly criticises and tells you you’re not good enough, and other figures with similar agendas such as subtle manipulators can have taken up residence too. These voices became lodged in your subconscious mind somewhere in the past, and still try to ‘keep you safe’ or whatever function it is they think they are performing – they seldom start out as malevolent but they have a definite agenda. They arise in childhood, or other lives. Unfortunately, when you outgrow the need for that particular help, you do not necessarily lose the figure and its purpose is subverted. Meeting the figure and explaining that you have matured and now have different needs will usually release the sabotage, criticism, manipulation and so on, and the figure may well be persuaded to take a more constructive part in your inner life. A constructive inner critic is extremely useful as you can self-regulate your writing.

The exercise below communicates with the saboteur but you can easily adapt the exercise to meet other inner figures such as the critic or manipulator.

Visualisation: Meeting the saboteur

Sit quietly and let yourself relax. Withdraw your attention from the outside world and bring it deep into yourself. In your mind’s eye take yourself to your favourite place. Spend a few moments enjoying being in this space. Walk around and enjoy its unique feel, its sounds and its smells.

When you are ready to seek the inner saboteur, look at what is beneath your feet in your favourite place. You will see that there is a trap door in front of you. Open this trap door and descend the ladder below – remember to take a light with you or look for a light switch as you go down the ladder.

This is where your inner saboteur lives. This figure may be reluctant to come out into the light and may prefer to stay in a dark corner. If this is the case, try to reassure it and coax it into the light so that you can communicate more easily.

Ask the figure what purpose it serves. [Wait quietly and patiently for the answer, do not push]. You will probably find that the figure once had a positive purpose but that this has changed over the years. If so, thank it for its care and concern and explain how things are different now.

Ask the saboteur if it will help you by taking a more positive role in your inner life.

If the answer is yes, discuss this and ask for a new name to go with its new role. If the answer is no, ask the saboteur if it is willing to leave you and take up residence somewhere where it will not frustrate your purpose. You may need to do some negotiating here. Most saboteurs eventually agree to become more positive or to leave. If the saboteur has been particularly obstreperous, sending it for a Spa Holiday for the duration could be a solution, just imagine it being whisked off to be pampered and petted, this usually works a treat. (If yours absolutely refuses, it may need a different approach under the guidance of someone qualified in spirit release techniques, see www.theschoolofintuitionandhealing.co.uk)

When you have completed your discussions or negotiations, leave by the ladder and close the trap door. The figure may well come with you and can be encouraged to find an appropriate place to settle.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Take your attention down to your feet and feel your feet on the earth. Be aware that your feet are connected to the earth, grounding you. Picture a shield closing over your third eye. With your eyes wide open, take a deep breath and stand up with your feet firmly on the earth.

If you are non-visual: Holding a cleansed and dedicated (i.e. one that has been cleansed under running water and asked to work with you) anti-sabotage crystal such as Blue Scapolite, take your mind around your body and allow yourself to feel intuitively where your inner saboteur lurks. Communicate through sensing, asking the same questions as above. Remember to cleanse the crystal by placing it under running water and putting it out in the sun after use.

Crystals for overcoming self-sabotage: Scapolite, Larimar, Turquoise, Tourmalinated Quartz.

Crystals for overcoming inner criticism: Rutilated Quartz, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Blue Chalcedony, Rainbow Obsidian.

If you find an inner critic, ask that the criticism will be constructive, helping you to restructure your work with clarity and vivid imagination.

The Inner mentor

A much more constructive figure is the wise mentor or creative daemon that also lives within you, meeting this figure is usually a much more joyous experience although the figure may be elusive at first and need persuading to make itself known. An excellent starting place for seeking your mentor is within your heart. This figure knows much more than you know you know, especially about yourself, and can be extremely helpful - when you learn to listen.

Visualisation: Meeting your mentor

Sit quietly and let yourself relax. Bring your attention away from the outside world and into yourself. In your mind’s eye, take yourself to a favourite place, somewhere you feel comfortable, safe and at home. Spend a few moments enjoying being in this space. In your mind’s eye walk around and enjoy its unique feel, its sounds and its smells.

You will see that a small building has appeared in your favourite place, let your feet take you to its door.

Put out your hand, open the door and go in. Your mentor will be waiting to greet you.

Spend time with your mentor, ask what your purpose is in life, what skills you already have that you can bring to bear in your writing. Discuss how your mentor can assist you by dropping ideas into your head or helping you lay your hand on exactly the piece of information or inspiration that will set you off, and create a signal that your mentor can use to catch your attention.

When you have finished, ask your mentor to always be there for you. Then come out of the building, close the door but know that you can always return. Make your way back to the place you started from, bring your attention into the room and stand up being aware of the contact you make with the floor. Move around.

Remember to listen to your mentor. It can be helpful to tune in daily.

If you are kinaesthetic (i.e. a touchy feely person) use a cleansed and dedicated crystal (i.e. one that has been cleansed under running water and asked to work with you) to link to your mentor and do not cleanse after use. When you need to contact your mentor, simply hold the crystal to make contact.

Crystals for meeting a mentor: Mentor Formation (several crystals clustered around the base of a larger crystal) Selenite, Faden Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Petalite, Tanzanite, Blue Chalcedony.

Adapted from Good Vibrations: Psychic Protection, Energy Enhancement and Space Clearing (Flying Horse, Bournemouth 2008) and Life Changing Crystals (Godsfield Press, London 2013)



This article was first published in The Writer's Wheel Magazine, Issue 3




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