Reviews for Ghost Boy - a children's novel by Stafford Betty

19/08/19 | By Brynneth-Nimue Brown

Ghost Boy cover

Seventh grader Ben Conover sees people no one else can see. When he confides in his best friend, it's not long before smart phones start lighting up with text messages as the air cackles with gossip and he becomes known in school as the 'Ghost Boy'.

Here's what reviewers are saying...

"I could seriously keep going about how amazing this novel is but all you need to know is that it will leave you a changed person. Especially if you have children yourself. It will make you question just what is real and gives an amazing insight into just what kindness can do when it is put into the world."

"I must say that even though they had nothing in common, sometimes reading the “Ghost Boy” gave me the same innocence and compassion feeling that I had while reading Roderick Macrae’s diary from “His Bloody Project” and I want to salute Stafford Betty for this. In some parts of the book, as an adult, I felt the need to hug Ben and let him know that even though all the world is against him, I believe his story"

"If parents still read bedtime stories to children as they did before television, computers, and smart phones, I highly recommend this book as one to read to them."

"This novel I recommend to all. It's heartwarming, encouraging, and inspiring. Ben is twelve and thirteen during the story, but readers of all ages can discover excitement and encouragement within these well-written pages."

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