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    The promotional plans box

    The Promotional Plans box is a vital space to communicate with your publicist and the rest of the team.

    Your publicist adds their plan to the Promotional Plans box

    This is where your publicist will list what they plan to do for your book's launch and for every new round of publicity triggered every time your book sells 500 copies

    Your publicist will record the work they complete in Marketing Activities.

    Add your plan to the Promotional Plans box

    When you submitted your proposal you will have offered us a Marketing Plan. Now write the latest, final version of your plan on Promotional Plans on your Marketing page. Outline in bullets what you will do to promote your book. remember to add you social media numbers!

    • Under a separate title add Priorities for in-house PR. Detail the most important activities you think your in-house publicist should do to promote your book.
    • When you are done write your initials and the date you added the plan, and your publicist will do the same. This is so you can keep track of your communication.

    Remember to add your social media numbers!

    Sales reps, especially in the US, want to see your social media numbers.

    Knowing the numbers, givies them a rough conversion rate on sales to expect. Though not an extract science, the rule of thumb is 10% of the following will see the post and from that number around 10% is likely to buy/read. For example:

    1000 followers — 100 see the post — 10 sales minimum.

    If your numbers are positive it encourages the sales teams to pitch larger sales of your book.

    How to present your social media numbers

    Add your name, book, publication date and list your networks as follows: Fran Stiene, Way of Reiki, The - The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui, Release date: Oct 28, 2022 /

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