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    Heavy editing, content development and rewriting

    We will copyedit and proofread your manuscript, but we do not provide heavy editing/content development/rewriting. If the reader reports suggest this would be necessary/helpful, there's a list of editors we're in touch with below. We're happy to recommend one from that list - please make your arrangements directly with them.

    List of freelance editors

    A list of editors we’ve been in touch with who offer content/development advice, and other services. All are highly experienced and/or members of the EfA (Editorial Freelancers Association, USA) or SfEP (Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders, UK). Individual copy about them and their specialities to follow.

    Non-fiction and fiction

    Krystina Kellingley [email protected]

    John Romans https://www.romanseditorialservices.com/

    A.J. Smuskiewicz https://www.ajsmuskiewicz.com/

    Amber Crafton http://etalediting.com

    Andrew Chapman www.preparetopublish.com

    Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum http://www.AndrewMK.com

    Beth Fehlbaum [email protected]

    Billy Lombardo http://writingprose.org

    Bobbie Jo Reid https://www.reideditorial.com

    Catherine Dunn www.catherinedunn.co.uk

    Clare Law clarelaweditorial.co.uk

    Dawn Austin Locke www.dawnproofperfect.co.uk

    Diane Samuels www.yourwritewords.net

    Donna Rawlings http://www.drawlings.co.uk/

    Elizabeth Brown http://www.swiftedits.com

    Ellie Nalle Home - Novel Editing Service For Writers - Novelty Editing

    Graeme experteditor.com.au

    Graham Clarke brightercornersediting.com

    Hannah Austin https://hannahaustin.co.uk/

    Harry Dewulf https://harrydewulf.com/editing/

    Ivan Butler www.coachhousebusinessservices.co.uk

    Jacquelyn Lancaster https://jacquelynedits.wordpress.com/

    James Scott Miller MillerEditorial.com

    Jessica Moreland www.brigidbooks.com

    Jessi Hoffman www.JessiRitaHoffman.com

    Jennifer Harshman www.harshmanservices.com

    Jessica Hatch http://www.hatch-books.com

    Karen Atkinson www.karenatkinsoneditorial.co.uk

    Karin Nicely [email protected]

    Katie McCoach http://katiemccoach.com .

    Kitty Kladstrup www.KladstrupAssociates.com

    Laura Major majordevelopments.com

    Lee Dickinson https://bookediting.co.uk/

    Liz Parry [email protected]

    Maria Waite www.mlwproofreading.co.uk

    Michael J. Totten www.michaeltottenediting.com/

    Michael Springer https://www.sfep.org.uk/directory/michael-springer

    Nancy Williams http://www.nancyarantwilliams.com/

    Paul Dinas www.pauldinasbookeditor.com

    Sara Firman www.sarafirman.com

    Sara Starbuck https://www.sarastarbuck.co.uk/

    Sherrill Layton https://innerhierarchy.com/

    Richard Bradbury www.editorial.ie

    Non-fiction only

    Bob Weinstein [email protected]

    Brian Frastaci [email protected]

    Christina Guthrie [email protected]

    Heather Roffman [email protected]

    Judith Reveal www.justcreativewriting.com

    Kathleen Becker Blease http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleenbeckerblease

    Lisa Cordaro https://lisacordaro.com/

    Mary Ellen Landolfi http://www.wordspiralmedia.com/

    Matthew Gilbert [email protected]

    Tammy Letherer https://tammyletherer.com/

    Tricia Parker http://triciaparkercommunications.com/

    Fiction only

    C.J. Anaya http://theblondcopywrite.weebly.com

    Dan Coxon www.momuseditorial.co.uk

    Diana Grabau http://www.seizethedayedits.com

    Ellen S. Leach [email protected]

    Griffin Smith GSediting.com

    Hilary Swan www.swanediting.com

    Lesley Jones www.perfecttheword.co.uk

    Manny Frishberg mannyfrishberg.com

    Melissa Carmean http://holymelldevelopmentaledits.com

    Sophie Playle liminalpages.com

    Christian non-fiction and fiction

    Nancy Williams http://www.nancyarantwilliams.com/

    Polly Lott [email protected]

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