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In this section:

    Upload your manuscript and any other proposal files here

    Upload your manuscript and any other proposal files here in PROPOSAL DETAILS - Files. If you uploaded your full manuscript it will with your inquiry will transfer across here and will be named Original web inquiry attachment.

    Also add any other documents/images which you think could be helpful to us/you (so long as you have permission to use them!).

    Later, once we agree a contract, you will be asked to edit and format your manuscript ready for the production process, and to upload your final file onto your Production page.

    How to upload your file

    • ✅ Upload your file as a doc or docx file.
    • ✅ Please submit only one document, not several for different chapters.
    • ✅ Sample text needs at least 5000 words
    • ✅ For supporting documents, PDF, JPEG, and Excel files are okay.
    • ✅ Files up to 4MB supported
    • ❌ Make sure there are no special characters in your filenames such as / " ! etc.
    • ❌ Files over 4MB not supported.
    • ❌ If your files and filenames are not in the correct format or the wrong size they will not upload or issue a warning.
    • In the top right-hand corner of the Proposal section, click on +upload a file, in blue.
    • In Description of File type in a description of what it is.
    • Click on Choose File and select your file from your computer. Click on Import File.
    • A timer will appear while the document loads. Once it has loaded, you should be able to View or Delete the file.

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