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    We can’t market your book effectively if you don’t market your book!

    The Standard marketing that comes with every title we publish is six hours (unless you take out Extra Publicity) For that to be effective, our publicists need our authors to be committed to marketing their books.

    Stuck with marketing ideas? We have a guide for authors, full of inspiration and how-tos in how to market yourself, read Marketing 365.

    How will you market your book?

    To pitch your book to media and trade buyers, we need to know:

    • The extent of your existing platform as an author.
    • What you plan to do to promote your book.

    Tell us about it in the Marketing Plan box on your Book Details page.

    Field Of Blessings' marketing plan (Ayni Books)

    Your platform – what we need to know

    Please add:

    • Previous books you have written and their sales.
    • Your social media numbers – presence on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, include numbers of followers, likes etc.
    • Your relevant professional, academic or life-experience credentials.
    • Your website and its visitor numbers.
    • Workshops you have run.
    • Conferences you have spoken at.
    • Radio, TV or YouTube programs you host or appear on.
    • Blogs and magazines you write for with follower or circulation numbers.
    • Networks you are a member of.

    Your Plan – What we need to know

    Tell us about what you plan to do, including:

    • Any social-media campaigns.
    • Signings or talks.
    • Blog tours.
    • Articles.
    • Interviews.
    • Reviews.

    Remember to add your social media numbers

    Sales reps, especially in the US, want to see your social media number.

    Knowing the numbers, gives them a rough conversion rate on sales to expect. Though not an extract science, the rule of thumb is 10% of the following will see the post and from that number around 10% is likely to buy/read. For example:

    1000 followers 100 see the post 10 sales minimum.

    If your numbers are positive it encourages the sales teams to pitch larger sales of your book.

    How to present your social media numbers

    Add your name, book, publication date and list your networks as follows:

    Frans Stiene, Way of Reiki, The - The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui, Release date: Oct 28, 2022 /www.o-books.com

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