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    How to receive your royalty payments

    The most cost-effective way for us to pay and receive money is via wire-transfer.

    This includes:

    • Royalty payments to our authors
    • Payments from authors for their books
    • Payments from authors for subsidies and services

    To ensure you are paid, make sure you’ve sent us your bank details and keep us up to date if you change them in between royalty statements. We do not have the time or manpower to track down authors with incorrect or outdated details.

    Email your details to, including:

    • Name account, as in, Bank Name, Address, ABA (wire) routing number for US accounts (not routing number on your check book, please check with your bank if you aren’t sure)
    • Account Name, Account Number, Sort Code (for all UK accounts)
    • IBAN/Swiftbic (for non-UK)

    Please note that we cannot individually confirm receipt of bank details, so take great care that the ones you send us are correct.

    If you have sent your details to, you should receive any due payment when royalties are next processed.

    We do not store bank details on our Database. They are only accessible to our financial staff in the UK office.

    Can I receive my royalties via PayPal?

    We can pay via PayPal. If you want to receive your royalties that way, make request that on the Author Forum under Royalties, in the SALES AND DISTRIBUTION section.

    Where can I see how much my royalties are?

    You can view your figures and royalty statement on your in the ROYALTIES table in your Financials page.

    What happens when royalties are paid?

    The royalties amount will be transferred directly into the bank account details advised to us (or a check posted to the address given in the US).

    Please retain your remittance, as this may be required for tax purposes.

    The date and how you are paid will be shown in the Payment Details column of the ROYALTIES table in your Financials page.

    Minimum payments for authors in the UK

    • The minimum amount we will send out via bank transfer or PayPal is £20.
    • The minimum amount we will send out via cheque is £25.

    Anything less and the bank charges, and administration times are too high relative to the payments.

    Any payment due that’s under the limit will of course be carried forward.

    Minimum payments for authors outside the UK

    The minimum amount we will send out to an author living outside the UK is $100/£75, including payments via PayPal.

    Anything less and the bank charges and administration time are too high relative to the payments.

    Any payment due that’s under the limit will of course be carried forward.

    I live outside the UK. What is your exchange rate?

    We normally pay via, meaning your bank converts the money to local currency and the rate is set by them. If we pay via Comerica, our bank in the US, then it's the average rate for the month, as dictated by HMRC.

    Will you give me a tax form?

    No. You will not need one from us. Tax forms are only necessary in some circumstances, between publishers in different countries, where the sender is paying tax as well as the recipient. They are used to avoid double taxation.

    We don’t pay tax on the royalties we send you, so you need to make sure you are responsible for declaring your own income and paying your own taxes.

    If you are an author outside the UK and you need to look up what you were paid in the previous year for your local currency, you will need to go to your bank and track down the statements for the times you were paid your royalties, and see exactly at what rate they converted it. Those statements should show the dates you were paid and how much in your local currency.

    I think I am due royalties and I have not received them. What should I do?

    We prepare over 1500 royalty statements twice a year, and there are usually a few queries. The main reasons being:

    • You haven’t given us your bank details
    • You haven’t given us your correct bank details (we cut and paste them manually into our system)
    • You have changed bank and haven’t told us
    • Your royalties don’t make the minimum amount for payment
    • You have misread the royalty table

    If none of the above reasons apply, and you still think you are owed royalties, let us know on the Author Forum – Sales & Distribution: Royalties.

    How do I update my bank details?

    Send the correct info to Double check it!

    What are the CI bank details?

    Our payment details will be on the invoice you receive from us.

    I can’t pay you by wire transfer. What should I do?

    If you have a problem with transferring to us as regards the cost (it varies from country to country), please post a cheque/check made out to Collective Ink Ltd (3 East Street, Alresford, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO24 9EE). You can pay via PayPal, but there will be an additional charge to cover their fees.

    Sorry, we do not use credit card payment services.

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