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    The four cornerstones of your sales pitch are the cover, the price, the reviews, and the blurb In the month after your book's publication date gets set, and based on information that you have given us by uploading it to your Marketing page, wedistill and synthesize these cornerstones tto create your Advance Information or AI sheet. The AI Sheet is a promotional tool that publishers use to present their books to the book trade.

    The information we use to create your AI sheet includes your Back Cover Copy, your Author Bio, Endorsements, your Promotional Plan, your USP, the Categories you select for your book, the Competing Books you added, and your Previous Titles (if you have them).

    Your AI will be circulated to our sales reps, and they will use the information on it as the basis of their pitch. Book buyers look at your AI sheet and take a decision on how prominent to make your book on their database, whether to take print copies into stock and, if so, how many and where — so it's your chance to get their attention, and the information must be accurate, punchy, and concise.

    Once the AI is up, feel free to download and use it. Some ideas:

    You can base your own promotional emails/approaches off it.

    You can use it to create any promotional material you want, along with your cover.

    You can take it along to local stores that might host a signing session.

    If you think any information on your Tipsheet is incorrect or out of date, please leave a note on the Sales and Distribution forum.

    Sample AI for Afterlife of King James IV, Chronos Books

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