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    What is Wattpad?

    Wattpad is a network that allows authors to publish their work and build an audience of readers.

    The company says that it has more than 90 million monthly users, with nearly one billion stories published that generate 22 billion minutes per month in total reading time.

    If a story really catches on on Wattpad it can be read hundreds of millions of times. The most popular stories there have been picked up by major publishers and the company has a division, Wattpad Studios, which aims to co-produce successful Wattpad stories as series or movies and uses machine learning and AI to work out which stories, and which chapters/paragraphs are resonating the most with readers.

    The most popular genres are Romance, YA/teen, Fanfiction, Fantasy (including the supernatural), Science Fiction (including Dystopian), Paranormal, and Suspense (often a mixture such as paranormal with a romance element).

    It is estimated 50% of Wattpad users are under the age of eighteen, and the stories that break out into the mainstream tend to be stories aimed at teens and young people.

    In January 2021 Wattpad was acquired by South Korean firm Naver.

    As a writer, uploading a book chapter by chapter, it gives you the the chance to get real time feedback from readers, opportunities for collaboration and the exposure to a potentially massive audience.

    But it’s not easy, there’s a lot of content on there it’s a challenge to get people to read your work, and being read doesn’t necessarily translate to being published or making sales.

    Should I use Wattpad?

    If you’re published with us, don’t upload your book there! But you can upload bonus content if it fits with the site.

    Likewise, if you write stories that fit with the site, go for it!

    But generally we observe that Wattpad isn’t the most obvious fit for CI authors.

    More info: Writers: Should You Be Using Wattpad?

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