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    Flyers and posters, and bookmarks are useful for promoting your books and advertising your event.

    • If you talk at an event or conference you can put a flyer on the seat for each of your audience members, or hand them out directly.
    • If you are talking with other professionals you can hand them a flyer or bookmark, like a business card.
    • Many bookshops and libraries are happy to stock piles of flyers or bookmarks for anyone to take.
    • Retailers are usually happy to display posters for signings in their stores. Libraries, public noticeboards and meeting places are other useful places to display posters.

    Remember, you can download a print-ready, high-resolution copy of your cover from your Marketing page.

    I do not know how to design and print a flyer or poster, what should I do?

    It is simpler than ever to design your own flyers, posters and bookmarks with software like Canva and Photoshop.

    There are many online services that print flyers and posters such as Vistaprint.

    The Canva, Photoshop and Vistaprint websites have extensive help text and tutorial info to get your started, and Vistaprint even offers a design service. Alternatively you may have someone you know who can help you if you are really stuck.

    For posters, we suggest minimum A4 – but really as big as you like, depending on where you want to put it.

    What should I put on my flyer/poster/book?

    • Your cover.
    • Details of your event if relevant
    • Details of all your books if relevant.
    • Discount code if relevant.
    • Author website/contact info.
    • How to order information.

    Video trailers

    Video trailers are very short videos, usually 2 mins max, which promote your book.

    We feel the jury’s out on how affective they are. We don't usually produce video trailers ourselves, but some of our authors like to do it themselves. For example here is Mark Hawthorne’s trailer for his book, A Vegan Ethic

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