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    The initial work

    In the first instance, your publicists records their initial work as Email/Press Release in Marketing Activities

    We use Email/Press Release as a catch-all. This means your publicist's initial approach (article pitches to magazines, pitches for interviews, requests for reviews, etc.) will all be recorded as this activity, and the only date used will be Date Offered.

    If a contact responds positively, then this will be recorded as the label that matches the activity:

    For example, if a contact responds to the initial approach by:

    • asking you to write an article, this will be recorded as Article/Extract
    • asking for a review copy, this will be recorded as Review Copies
    • asking you to attend an event, this will be recorded as Events
    • etc.

    Write your own Press Release

    PR News defines a press release as "some newsworthy information about your business or product that you submit to media outlets for publishing".

    We strongly encourage you to write your own Press Release as part of your own marketing work. Some media contacts like to hear from us and some, the author only. A personalized approach can go far. You can also send it out to your own mailing list, if you have one. If you don't, then consider starting one.

    If you're looking for inspiration and want to see what your publicist has done, then drop us a line on If you Email/Press Releases forum.

    Please upload your Press Release to the Press Release section of the Publicity box on your Marketing page and record any press releases you send out as a Email/Press Release Marketing Activity.

    How to add a Press Release to your Marketing page

    File formats we want:

    • ✅ Microsoft Word Doc

    Formats we don't want:

    • ❌ PDF
    • ❌ Image file

    How to upload:

    • Visit your Marketing page.
    • Scroll down to Publicity.
    • Under Articles or Press Release click +upload an article or +upload a press release.
    • Fill in a description of what you are uploading, select the article on your hard drive, and upload.

    Tips on sending a Press Release

    Make it personal, from you – this can generate consideration and a sense of personal support in others, inspiring them to read it.

    Never attach a press release as a separate document, always put it in the body of an email.

    Make sure you include:

    • A strapline to grab attention.
    • Book Title, Author, Publication Date, Imprint.
    • Book Cover Image.
    • ISBN and price for different formats, paperback & ebook.
    • Back Cover Copy or Description.
    • Endorsements.
    • Author Bio including earlier published books, and online links, if current.
    • A personalized paragraph specifically aimed at the contact, acknowledging who they are and why they may be interested in this title specifically. Keep that brief and to the point, add a link to the book page on the imprint website too.

    Don't fill your press release with unnecessary details. Make it easy to read, direct, non-repetitive and easy for the contact to say YES to supporting you.

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