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    Your Book’s Page

    If we accept your initial inquiry, we create a page on our database for your book. It is divided into 7 other pages

    • Contract
    • Publishing Team
    • Production;
    • Marketing
    • Financials
    • History

    But before you sign your contract you will only have access to one, the Book Details page.

    If you sign a contract, all the other pages will open up and You will be promped by email notifications as and when you need to take action on these pages while the Book Details page acts as a storehouse for lots of important information about your book.

    Your book's pages are often divided into sections. Note that each section here can be expanded and collapsed. If a section is collapsed you will see a + sign by its name. Click on it to expand it and and see the information inside. If the section is expanded you will see a - sign by its name. Click on it to collapse the section and see the information inside.

    Note the little yellow ?Help boxes. These offer assistance on what each field means and links to the Publishing Guide, which contains further in-depth guidance.

    The Book Details page (this is where you fill out your proposal)

    Your Book Details page is where you fill out your proposal

    The sections you need to fill out (or check are correct) for your proposal are:

    The only other section you need to make sure you fill out to complete your proposal is your Author Profile.

    The Contract Page

    Your Contract page is where:

    If you sign a contract with us, then you can visit this page at any time:

    The Publishing Team Page

    The Publishing Team page shows list of the CI team who will be working on your book containing three sections.

    • AUTHOR(s) The author (s) of your book
    • PUBLISHING TEAM The CI team involved with publishing your book/
    • READERS Every reader who was asked to write a report on your book.

    The Production Page

    The Production page is where you track your book’s production and upload files during the editing process. It is divided into four sections.

    The Marketing Page

    The Marketing Page consists of 6 sections:

    • PROMOTIONAL PLANS is where you communicate your marketing plans to your Publicist (once you've signed your contract don’t forget to update this with your Marketing Plan from your Proposal).
    • The PUBLICITY section is where you can view your AI/Tipsheet, upload a Press Release, and download PDF ,
    • WEBSITE shows yo whether or not your book is live on the CI website
    • The ADVERTISING box is where you add add the KEYWORDS you think would help us advertise your book .
    • EMAIL HISTORY shows which mailouts we’ve included your book in
    • MARKETING ACTIVITIES is where you log the marketing you do. We will do the same.


    Your Financials page shows three sections:

    • SALES - a detailed detailed breakdown of your sales, uploaded for monthly for the previous month.
    • FOREIGN RIGHTS SALES - a record of the sales of your book we make to foreign publishers
    • ROYALTIES A detailed breakdown of your royalty reports.

    Log History

    Your Log History page displays a log of the latest work and activity on your book, such as when new marketing activities are added and when new printings are made, and the latest notification to be sent out to you.

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