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  • Conquist

    Dirk Strasser's latest novel, Conquist, is an ambitious and refreshingly different work… Although it has been compared to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, for me Conquist is closer to Clavell's Shogun in themes, characterisation and the politics of cultural collision. ~ Sean McMullen (Hugo and BSFA nominated author)

  • Conquist

    If you're after a character driven adventure that doesn't neglect clever plotting and pacing, Conquist is for you. If you're after an imaginative narrative that astounds, amazes and ultimately satisfies, Conquist is for you. Dirk Strasser knows how to tell a story that inveigles, intrigues and inspires and takes every reader on an unforgettable journey. This isn't a run of the mill Fantasy—it's special. ~ Michael Pryor (Multi Aurealis Award shortlisted author of The Laws of Magic series)

  • Conquist

    I predict that Cristòbal’s words will be heard, and that Conquist will do some conquering of its own in the field of fantasy fiction. It’s fast paced as an adventure, thoughtful as a meditation on life, and of course highly imaginative. Great stuff! ~ Richard Harland (Multi award-winning fantasy author of Worldshaker)

  • Conquist

    Dirk Strasser’s Conquist is a riveting historical odyssey with deep characters, like Ithilia, the gold-winged leader of the duendes—‘her face shimmering like sunlight on water’, and how she befuddles Capitán Cristóbal de Varga, the captain of the conquistadors. Cruel and tender. A stunning novel of conquest and magic. Enchantment splashed with darkness and light. —Eugen Bacon, author of Secondhand Daylight.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ~ Eugen Bacon (Book Trade Professional), Netgalley

  • Waking Up to Your Self

    I think this is a really well-rounded book—it's not just another 'self-help' book, in my opinion, as the author himself is a psychologist and a spiritual teacher, so it looks at things from different perspectives. I feel it is a practical book with lots of useful advice. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is on the self-help, healing, or spiritual journey. ~ Rebecca Walker (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Naked in the Now

    I loved this book. You definitely have to be ready to examine yourself before and during the reading of this book. I would Read another book by this author. ~ Anna Watson (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Four Guns, The

    John Koerner
    "The Four Guns" by John Koerner offers a provocative exploration of American history through the lens of four pivotal presidential assassinations: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. The book serves three main purposes: dissecting the details of each assassination, tracing the history of the weapons used, and speculating on how history might have unfolded had these presidents survived.

    Koerner meticulously examines the circumstances and conspiracy theories surrounding each assassination, providing a thorough analysis that is both educational and engaging. The narrative delves into the lesser-known histories of the assassination weapons themselves, revealing how they were obtained and their whereabouts today, which adds a unique layer to the historical recounting.

    Perhaps most compelling is Koerner's speculative exploration of "what might have been." Koerner invites readers to contemplate how different America and the world might be by considering scenarios where Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy survive. This counterfactual approach not only underscores the profound impact of these leaders' premature deaths but also sparks a broader reflection on the fragility and significance of leadership.

    "The Four Guns" is a thought-provoking blend of history, mystery, and speculative analysis that challenges readers to think critically about the past and its implications for the present and future. It's compelling for anyone interested in presidential history, American politics, or historical what-ifs. ~ Larinda Agee (Librarian) , Netgalley

  • Grimworld

    Avery Moray
    A quirky little middle-grade story about a Nightspook who steals Henry Bats’ lifespan with a pocket watch which counts down to his death. He befriends other kids who have been tricked as well, and sets out to save himself and the others before time runs out. I like the pet spider(IIRC) named Corn Chip. It’s a good fit with other similar middle-grade stories. ~ Lindsey Lewis (Reviewer) , Netgalley

  • Bea's Witch

    Daniel Ingram-Brown
    This book is a delightful and enchanting novel that weaves elements of magic, mystery, and coming-of-age themes into a captivating story that will charm readers. With its engaging plot and richly developed characters, "Bea's Witch" is a testament to the author's storytelling prowess and ability to create a world where the mundane and the magical coexist seamlessly. ~ Cassandra Parrish (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Treasures of Egypt

    It's a super fun read. It's so refreshing to have an adventure of this calibre outside the context of the Greek gods that we've come to love in contemporary children's literature! Strong character development and excellent enemies-to-lovers romance on the YA front. The perfect setting for an adventure. So well done. I am looking forward to reading more by this author!

    5 out of 5 stars

    ~ Meg Ripley (Book Trade Professional), Netgalley

  • Mindful Medium, The

    Alison Grey
    Life changing, life enhancing, spirituality developing, inherently fascinating, inspired and inspiring, "The Mindful Medium" is especially and unreservedly recommended reading for anyone with an interest in becoming a medium or gaining an improved understanding of the metaphysics of guided meditation and psychic awareness. ~ Midwest Book Review (Reviewer),

  • Developing Your Supernatural Awareness

    An inherently fascinating read from start to finish, "Developing Your Supernatural Awareness: Connecting with an Interactive Universe" is a valued contribution to the growing body of spiritual/supernatural themed biographies and memoirs. Thoughtful and thought provoking, inspired and inspiring, "Developing Your Supernatural Awareness" is especially recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the supernatural as a means of self-help/self-improvement. A prized addition to personal, professional, community, and college/university library Metaphysical Studies collections. ~ Midwest Book Review (Reviewer),

  • Word of the Day

    A novel and effective approach to writing, "Word of the Day: Transform Your Writing in 15 Minutes a Day" by the award-winning author Marilyn Horowitz (with the assistance of Elizabeth Wiserman) is an inherently fascinating and thoroughly 'user friendly' DIY instructional guide to improving the scope, practice, and performance in the art and craft of writing. It's also a welcome tool for dealing with writer's block, experimentation and inspiration. ~ Midwest Book Review,

  • Naked in the Now

    Naked in the Now: Juicy Practices for Getting Present by Marijke McCandless is a refreshing and insightful guide that invites readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and mindfulness. McCandless presents a playful yet profound approach to reconnecting with vitality and embracing the present moment, offering diverse practices designed to foster authenticity and inner peace. The book is structured into chapters that explore various facets of self-awareness and emotional well-being, each accompanied by practical exercises and reflections. From cultivating self-compassion and mindfulness to nurturing intimate relationships and embracing vulnerability, McCandless provides readers with the tools and guidance to navigate life's challenges with grace and authenticity.

    The author’s emphasis on vulnerability and self-acceptance stands out. McCandless encourages readers to let go of societal conditioning and embrace their true selves, free from judgment and shame. Through practices like "Naked Reverence" and "Inner Striptease," readers are invited to explore the depths of their being and cultivate a profound sense of self-love and acceptance. Naked in the Now draws inspiration from spiritual traditions and teachings to weave elements of meditation, divination, and mindfulness throughout the book. Whether practising "Breath of the Beloved" meditation or engaging in tarot readings for self-reflection, readers are encouraged to explore these practices with an open mind and heart, allowing for deep insights and personal growth. The book emphasizes practicality and accessibility, and McCandless recognizes that many readers may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives. The author also offers simple yet powerful practices that can easily be integrated into even the busiest schedules. Whether it's a five-second presence exercise or a sensory awakening ritual, readers are empowered to find what works best for them and embark on their journey of self-discovery. This book was eye-opening for me —packed with insight, wisdom, and practical exercises.

    5 STARS ~ Readers Favorites, Review

  • Treasures of Egypt

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Treasures of Egypt: The Spear and The Scythe is a must-read for everyone. Amr Saleh has arguably created one of the best stories I have read thus far. It's action-packed, full of emotions and drama, mystery and detective work.

    Everything in this story screams the work of a master storyteller. If anyone is looking for a new book to read for the fall season, I urge anyone and everyone to preorder a copy of this book, a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. ~ Gabriel Garcia (Review), Goodreads

  • WHAT MATTERS? For family wellbeing

    This is a good resource, written with good intentions by an expert, and could be an informative read for new parents and for those wanting to organise their thoughts and life about how to make the most of their time with young children. In that case, the length and the complexity level of this book come in handy. Each chapter answers a few important questions and focuses on what matters: the wellbeing of babies, children, their carers and families. ~ Didem Durak Akser (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Four Guns, The

    John Koerner
    Good discussion about interesting points in history. ~ Claire Rider (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Treasures of Egypt

    This had that Egyptian element that I was looking for, and I enjoyed the concept. It had that adventure that I was looking for in this type of story. The characters were wonderfully written and worked with the overall story being told. The overall feel worked with the story being told, and I enjoyed it.

    5 out of 5 stars ~ Kathryn McLeer (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Four Guns, The

    John Koerner
    I just finished The Four Guns: The Stolen History Of The Assassinated Presidents by John Koerner.
    I am definitely intrigued by Koerner’s argument that the Confederate Secret Service was involved in the Lincoln assassination. Still, I am not ready to take a position on that issue yet. I know they had plots against Lincoln, but whether Booth’s successful conspiracy also included them is something I definitely do want to do more reading on. I am glad that this book raised the issue, took a position and reminded me that I have to do more reading to determine which side I find more persuasive.
    As an aside, I see that I gave Edwin Steer’s book, in which he argued for that proposition, a B+ 5 years ago, so I must have been impressed, but I don’t recall reading it. I see that I already have Tidwell’s book that this one cites to, so I’ll have to add that to my reading book. Actually, the more I think about it, this is discussion is more of just an aside. I always consider it a positive thing when a book makes me want to want to learn more about a topic and this book checks that box.
    I knew that the book was going to also include a discussion of the guns used. I came into reading this thinking that I wasn’t really the target audience for that aspect of the book. But, I did enjoy that aspect more than I expected, especially the part about Booth (who had two guns with him that night).
    I especially liked this line, when talking about the National Archive’s web page describing the gun Oswald that Oswald supposedly used: “The most revealing aspect, though on the entire web page describing the gun is the word ‘Allegedly.’ In my opinion, the title should read ‘Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle Probably News Owned by Lee Harvey Oswald and Probably Never Used to Assassinate President J. Kennedy.’”
    His discussion of whether there was a conspiracy against McKinley was interesting, but I’m not ready to take a position on that yet. I wish the author’s book on that topic was available in Kindle edition, but it isn’t.
    His discussion of JFK was also very good, while his discussion on Garfield was good too. I hadn’t realized how many enemies Garfield had already been making during his first year in office.
    For each assassination, the author speculates on what would have happened if the president had lived. Those discussions were very interesting.
    Reading this book has prompted me to go get the Kindle version of his book on the JFK and Malcolm X assassinations.
    5 out of 5 stars ~ Lee Sinins (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • What My Doctors Didn't Tell Me About Cancer

    What My Doctors Didn't Tell Me About Cancer by Brian C. Holley was a hugely positive and uplifting read for me as I am currently caring for someone with an advanced stage of the disease. Had I not been in such a position, I very likely would have passed this title by, but sometimes, we are given just what we need at exactly the right time.

    Mr Holley has been living with cancer for an astounding fourteen years, and though he has faced numerous struggles, his positive outlook and never-wavering desire to adjust his lifestyle to accommodate rather than fight this disease has been largely beneficial to his overall well-being, both physically and mentally. His thoughtful and relaxed conversational style provides much food for thought, and I plan to explore further many of his suggestions, particularly regarding diet, supplements, and exercise.

    I wish the author all of the best in his continuing journey and hope that, by sharing his experience and findings, many will benefit. ~ Andrea Pole (Reviewer) , Netgalley