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  • Healthy Models for Relationships

    Barbara Berger
    I learned a lot from reading this book. The author explains basic psychology in a way that I can easily understand; she sets out examples of what she is talking about, and she left me thinking about how I respond to people and how I can improve my attitude for both personal advancement and help other people. I recommend this book! ~ SpookyMrsGreen, Review

  • I Am Taurus

    This is a short book but it's packed with a lot of information. My sign is Taurus and the book exceeded my expectations. I believe this is a unique perspective on the role of the bull in a variety of cultures. Each chapter is told through the eyes of the auroch and his lived experience. As an animal lover, I was happy to see this... I admit I hadn't heard of some of these prehistoric communities and as a history lover, it was exciting to learn something new. I love learning and found the myths of each culture and community very interesting.
    ~ Julie Coraccio, Goodreads

  • Moon Books Duets - Kitchen Witchcraft & Moon Magic

    Rachel Patterson
    Praise for Moon Magic: Moon Magic is a delightful treasury of lore and spiritual musings that should be essential to any planetary magic-worker's reading list. ~ David Salisbury, author of The Deep Heart of Witchcraft

  • Moon Books Duets - Kitchen Witchcraft & Moon Magic

    Rachel Patterson
    Praise for Kitchen Witchcraft: I like this ... it's light, friendly and good fun to read. One important facet of traditional Craft is the use of the kitchen and everyday implements to create magical goodies. I like the way the author brings the reader into the kitchen and makes the whole thing inclusive like having a cosy chat over the cauldron. A great addition to the Pagan Portals series. ~ Melusine Draco, author of numerous bestselling titles

  • Narrow Window, The

    Gary D. Wilson
    A story that is compelling, sad, hopeful and a government whose King and Prince carry out their own needs and agendas and will do anything to rid themselves of those who stand in their way... Gary D. Wilson takes all of the characters on an intense trip to understand the meaning of belonging, identity, friendship and embracing the differences in people and their beliefs. ~ Fran Lewis

  • Adventures of an American Medical Student

    Champion narrates a physician's journey throughout his residency in different areas on his way to becoming a psychiatrist.
    Most of the details are about patients seen and medical cases, which is quite interesting and educational.
    Each chapter has footnotes and definitions of what was discussed so the reader can learn about medications and conditions.
    It is interesting if you are either in the medical field or just interested in medicine. ~ Angela Keehn (Reviewer) , Netgalley

  • 15 Ways to Own Your Future

    Michael Khouri
    It is a good book for someone who just graduated from university or is just embarking on a career. ~ Katie Bruce (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Word of the Day

    Useful tools to upgrade your writing skills. It was interesting and made me realise quite a ton of things. I will definitely work on this now on! ~ Rachel Gilson (Reviewer), Netgalley

  • Thinking About Religion in the 21st Century

    George C. Adams, Jr.
    I appreciate the large scope of this book and the ambitious nature of the topic, and I applaud the author for attempting such a feat. I have a background in world religions and am a practicing Presbyterian so I am not the target audience for this work, but I can nevertheless comment on it. The writing style is very straightforward and readable despite the many complex ideas discussed. I found the chapters on consciousness and quantum physics very interesting and thought-provoking. I would definitely recommend this book to thoughtful people who are interested in religion, science, and the future of humanity.
    4/5 ~ Birgitta Gustafson (Bookseller), Netgalley

  • Developing Your Supernatural Awareness

    This book was pleasantly interesting to read. It's well-written and has plenty of different people's views and perspectives on their experience with the supernatural. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the supernatural.
    5 out of 5/ ~ Sarah-jane Ward (Reviewer) , Netgalley

  • China the Super Predator

    China, the Super Predator is essential reading for anyone concerned about the way the world is going — and that must be very many of us. Comprehensive in scope and engagingly written, the book gives a most valuable in-depth insight into how the Chinese Communist Party’s ruthless bid for world domination has escalated in recent decades, making China, with Russia, the main threat to Western democracy. FULL REVIEW. ~ Geoff Ward,

  • What's Left of the World

    David J. Blacker
    This is an impressive overview of the enduring effects of neoliberalism on the interdependent areas of identity politics, progressivism. education and climate change. Its sweep is impressive, but at times, it does not allow its argument to breathe. The discussion of education is a case in point, focused predominantly on higher education in the USA; this undermines the generalisations it makes about education more widely (leaving aside the fact that many are accurate). Its concluding promotion of a pro-Gaia approach to climate recovery, although signalled earlier, is a little surprising but reasonably convincing, and Blacker's investment is obvious. A fascinating and informative overview overall. ~ Michael J , Netgalley

  • Astrolations!

    Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher. I loved this, and I will surely read it again. ~ Marissa Eckel , Netgalley

  • Adventures of an American Medical Student

    This is a medical student's account of his residency in pursuit of his license and a career in psychiatry. He takes us through the various modalities and medical specialties, as he is required to shadow a specialist in all forms of medical care. His test scores aren't great, and his superiors seem less than empathetic toward peers or patients. But eventually, he covers all bases of medical specialities, however, perfunctory depending on his interest in those particular rotations (he especially doesn't like ob/gyn). It's an interesting birds-eye view into what's required to obtain a medical degree, even before pursuing further education in one's chosen speciality. 4/5 ~ Ruth Allison , Netgalley

  • Pagan Portals - The Irish Pagan Book of Rites

    5 out of 5

    This was an interesting, well-written, and helpful book. Although I’m not Irish, I have always had some interest in Celtic paganism, and I was curious to see what this book would contain. I appreciated that each rite/prayer is presented in dual languages, so it’s still accessible if you only speak English. I found the explanation of the rites the most interesting, going into why/how they would each be used. Although I knew the basics of the festivals mentioned, I learned about some new rites that I wasn’t aware of, and that I plan on incorporating into my own celebration of those holidays. For further reading, there’s a list of resources at the very end, if you’d like to delve deeper. Absolutely have to recommend. ~ Liliyana Shadowlyn,

  • Word of the Day

    This book is great for beginner writers like me. The author set the book up as a Workbook to improve your writing. I love the suggestions given. I'm also thinking of using her guidelines to help my little one with his writing skills. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. ~ Kina Tyler, Netgalley

  • Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil

    To the heart of the matter. Thought provoking in its summarized research. The book should inspire most to look at their life from an alternative worldview. Full of hope and comfort. A must read which may spark you to look further into this subject. I bought the book after hearing the author on a podcast and wanted to know more. My thanks to Douglas. ~ MargoNZ, Rakuten kobo

  • Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil

    This author is brilliant! I interviewed Professor Hodgson on the Just Ask Spirit Podcast and ended up asking him to come back on the show. His research is profound and he is very articulate. I am looking forward to reading some of his other books he has put out there. ~ Sherianna Boyle, Amazon review

  • Day of the Labyrinth, The

    A remarkable story that will draw you in as you go, and has the power to enfold you. Through events and circumstances that for many will resonate with personal, real-time experience, this is a book that gives vitally-needed, sure hope for the uncertain, challenging times that face us all. I eagerly await the next in the promised series.

    ~ Dave Butler - ordinary bloke, Roger Haydon Mitchell (author)

  • Love Unleashed

    Nicola Amadora has written this book with passion, purpose and love. It's an epic, but it's so authentic, powerful, and moving that you want to keep reading it, jumping ahead from chapter to chapter to see what happens next and what stories, words of wisdom and pertinent and practical suggestions are coming. Amadora started from such utterly dreadful beginnings, and her capacity to be filled with love for herself and share it with us is nothing short of a miracle. ~ Kindred Spirit, Review