Joseph Polansky

Joseph Polansky

Joseph Polansky is the author of A Technique for Meditation (Mantra Books), Sun Sign Success (Warner Books), Pendulum Power (with Greg Nielsen, Warner Books), Your Personal Horoscope (every year since 1994 - Harper Collins), The Magic Stone (and esoteric novel), The Graduate (a collection of esoteric short stories), An Esoteric View of the 12 Signs. His books have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and German. Pendulum Power is the largest selling book on this subject in the world. He is the Editor of DIAMOND FIRE an esoteric review and THE ASTROLOGER'S NOTEBOOK, a quarterly newsletter.

Though Astrology has always been his first love, he is an avid student of all aspects of esotericism and teaches meditation (one on one) to select students.

He currently resides in Florida where he deals with an international clientele.

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