God Calling in Poetry

God Calling in Poetry

A 365-day devotional inspired by the bestseller God Calling.

God Calling in Poetry

A 365-day devotional inspired by the bestseller God Calling.

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Jun 28, 2024

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Jun 28, 2024

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Who wouldn't long to converse with God if it were possible?

Regardless of your spiritual persuasion, God Calling in Poetry is an easy read to help you discover that you can connect with God daily, irrespective of culture or creed.

The original God Calling is a hundred-year-old bestselling book by two British women, one of whom claimed that God communicated with her directly. The Two Listeners, as they are known, published their devotional anonymously, touching over ten million readers today.

In every nation, people call upon their Maker; the humble and sincere get a glimpse, often more.

In France, people greet each other at Easter with “L'amour de Dieu est folie" (“The love of God is madness”), apt because only understanding the love of God fills us with a longing to know Him.

But we cannot know Him if he doesn't communicate with us.

Love not communicated cannot be understood.

The scriptures prove that He communicates uniquely to every individual.

Some people listen, but most of us don't.

This book is a poet's pilgrimage for anyone interested in embarking on life's most remarkable journey - finding God.

God's known will is clear in His Word; we need to spend time with Him to discover His unknown will.

God Calling in Poetry shows you how He speaks to us, one day at a time!

Can you set aside a quiet time with Him to meditate and converse?

It's an invitation to join Him in an extraordinary adventure!

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