The Evolution of Reiki

23/11/21 | By Brett Bevell
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The Evolution of Reiki

by Brett Bevell author of New Reiki Software for Divine Living /


"As a dancer, I have always been sensitive to energy and have responded well to energetic healing. Brett's work is magical and has helped me pass through emotional obstacles with ease and grace."

Carrie Ann Inaba - Actress & Choreographer, Judge on ABC's Dancing with the Stars

Reiki is considered by many to be the world’s most popular form of energy healing, and its origins can be traced to a Japanese mystic named Mikao Usui, who lived from 1865 to 1926. There are many stories about Mikao Usui, some referring to him as a Christian minister and others referring to him as a Buddhist monk. However, what I find important in all the stories about him is that he was a man who surrendered his ego, his life, and his spiritual process to the Divine, often using the time-honored method of fasting and prayer on his quest to rediscover the ancient spiritual healing abilities mentioned in sacred scriptures.

Through this deep level of surrender, Usui was able to access this amazingly healing energy he called Reiki, a term which translates from Japanese as Universal Life Force.

Reiki was brought to the United States shortly before World War Two by a Japanese-American Reiki master named Hawayo Takata. Takata taught twenty-two Reiki masters over the course of her life, and Reiki has grown exponentially ever since. Today, Reiki can be found in some of the world’s more progressive hospitals, and continues to evolve as an energy healing system with many branches, schools and varied ways of teaching. There are members of the Reiki Alliance who stay very close to the Reiki teachings brought to America by Takata. There is the International Center for Reiki Training in Michigan, founded by William Rand, a teacher who has done a great deal of work to make Reiki more accessible to the general public. One can also find many independent Reiki teachers who are not aligned with any particular school, but who offer their wisdom with an open heart and lead workshops in their communities to continue spreading this sacred light.

Reiki has changed my own life in amazing ways. As one who underwent a very difficult childhood and spent the first twenty years of my life extremely shy and depressed, Reiki has helped me transform and move beyond my own childhood trauma to such a degree that my life is now very celebratory, filled with abundance and love. I have taught Reiki to thousands of students, and I often receive e-mails and messages from people around the world who repeatedly confirm the miracle that Reiki has to offer: an energy healing form that is an embodiment of Divine grace, which can at times guide people out of the most troubled circumstances. These circumstances can sometimes be an issue related to physical health, but often can just as likely be about transforming a troubled relationship, overcoming depression, discovering one’s life calling, creating harmony at work, and so forth.

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about Reiki. For it is a vast field with many amazing teachers. One thing I do know from my own experience with Reiki is that even though it is an elegant and beautiful system of energy healing, it can also at times intimidate those who need it most. This intimidation seems to come from several areas with respect to Reiki training. Some students forget the many hand positions and their sequencing as often taught during Reiki first degree training, and thus refrain from actually using Reiki on themselves or others after their training. Others may go on to second degree Reiki training, but then cannot fully remember the Reiki symbols, some of which can be quite complex to learn. Others get confused about techniques for sending a Reiki treatment at a distance.

Then there are those who are dedicated Reiki practitioners who make it all the way through Reiki Master training, who then never teach Reiki to even one student because they are too intimidated by the Reiki initiation process. Reiki is amazing, and has the capacity to benefit each of us, and all of humanity. Yet it can only reach the greatest numbers if it is accessible and user friendly to all.

I must confess that, even though I have a reputation for wanting to make Reiki more democratic and more readily available to people, I was probably too arrogant in my own Reiki teachings for many years. If a student couldn’t learn the hand positions, I considered them lazy. If a second degree student didn’t fully know the Reiki symbols, I thought they were not a truly dedicated student. If I met a Reiki Master who never taught others because they were intimidated by the process, I was often a little dismissive and labeled them in my mind as somehow incompetent. Instead of seeing them with compassion and acknowledging that the road to healing and grace can be difficult enough without the added burden of feeling like a failed teacher of a complex system. Even though as a Reiki Master author I was often considered on the cutting edge of my field, I must admit that in many ways I had yet to fully know the deepest teaching of Reiki: which is that Reiki is a gift from the Divine to all humanity, not something anyone should have to learn tricks to perform. We are not circus animals and Reiki should not be considered a kind of reward or prize only to be made available to those who have the best memory, or who are the least intimidated.

I have the greatest reverence for the Reiki system as it is taught traditionally. I enjoy using the sacred Reiki symbols and giving treatments that require me to access the sequence of many Reiki hand positions. I love seeing when a student can draw the symbols without my assistance. I feel great when seeing a room of students all gently flowing this fabulous energy from their hands, and all feeling confident in their ability to offer a Reiki treatment. Yet I know that this complexity which has evolved around Reiki is not the heart of Reiki itself. The heart of Reiki is simply an energetic embodiment of Divine grace, and that is something which should be available to all, not simply those who are the most adept at learning.


Since my first exposure to Reiki I have known that Reiki is evolving. It is not a stagnant system as some might teach it to be, but is one which dances with our consciousness as we grow in our capacity to understand the universe and the Divine. This knowing has been with me since my first day of being initiated into Reiki, and has given me the gift of seeing things that are possible within the Reiki system which may not be considered as possible by others. I often talk to my Reiki guides and ask to be shown new symbols and new techniques. I test what I am shown, often demanding for repeated results to confirm a technique works before I pass it on as a teaching to my students.

When I was finishing the final chapters of my previous Reiki book, Reiki for Spiritual Healing, I asked my guides if there was anything new to Reiki that could add to the process of spiritual awakening, since the theme of using Reiki for spiritual awakening was the core teaching of the book. When I asked this question, sitting at my computer in my office, I felt an opening in my heart. The opening was huge and filled with Reiki light, and felt to me like it was coming directly from the spirit of the late Mikao Usui, who is the founding teacher of Reiki. This ball of Reiki light opened my heart so dramatically, that I then asked it to send Reiki energy out to energetically bathe all readers who would eventually read Reiki for Spiritual Healing at the time of their reading the book. Even though the energy transmissions, which are sent to all who read Reiki for Spiritual Healing, were coming from this ball of Reiki light, I was told by my guides that

my understanding of this ball of Reiki light was still far too limited to actually teach it to others. So, I left out any mention of it in that book, waiting until the time was right and my understanding deep enough to make the teachings worthy.

I have since been experimenting with this ball of Reiki light for several years, and see that not only is it a higher and more intense vibration of Reiki energy than most Reiki symbols can access, but that it is an actual energy crystal made of Reiki light, imbued with Divine intelligence, guided and overseen by the spirit of Mikao Usui. I call this Reiki energy crystal Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening.

At first I was unaware that this crystal held the ability to unify the entire Reiki system into one level of teaching. I simply knew the crystal was powerful and offered immense healing capacity.

I taught a few students, mostly during workshops I offered at Omega Institute titled Reiki & the Magic of Awakening. Students seemed to love the energy and healing that this new Reiki tool offered, and yet I as the teacher was still missing a big part of what this crystal was about. It has only been very recently, after October of 2011 when I taught a Reiki Master workshop at Omega Institute, that I began to see the immense capacity of that this Reiki crystal offers. Although the workshop in October 2011 was a traditional Reiki Master training, during many of the meditations held that week I often saw and felt the presence of Mother Mary, who is one of my strongest Reiki guides. The spirit of Mother Mary informed me that another book on Reiki was going to be downloaded to me in the near future, and that is the book you now hold in your hands.

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