Moon Books Poets 2: Mabh Savage

21/01/22 | By Trevor Greenfield

My first piece of writing for 2022 was a commission to write a poem about Loki for a competition winner. I’d offered my writing services as a prize in the PaganAid Yule Auction, and the winner wanted a poem about the Trickster God himself. I can’t share that poem here, as it belongs solely to the lucky winner, but I can tell you that it sparked something! I’ve had a fascination with Loki since I was very small, and over the past couple of years, had tentatively begun exploring that fascination again. However, being prompted to write meaningfully and emotively about such a powerful and complicated being brought all that fascination and reverence back to the forefront of my conscience. I can’t say, as yet, what the ultimate outcome of this is but I do know I’ve been writing more, and here is one of the (as yet) untitled products of that spark of inspiration.

Loki, Ginger, and a Sweet Offering

Tentatively offering

3 chocolate gingers

To the god of mischief

One for gratitude

One in honour and worship

One for kindness

Placed high and in clarity

No commitment on

Either side

(Am I a coward

Of course

Foolish not to be


But I cannot


The importance of

dreams, messages, visions

These last few

Days, months

Nigh on a year

I am grateful

I give honour

I offer this small token of worship

To a beautiful


Unpredictable being

And I focus on kindness

The type of service

That brings happiness

On all sides

Thank you for livening

My life and my love

For others and myself.

And a thousand thanks

For the curative sleep

And dreams

And entertainment

I genuinely had fun

And truly

It’s been a while.

Mabh Savage is a Yorkshire Witch, Pagan author, and musician with a particular interest in Irish spirituality, and folklore from all across the U.K. and Ireland. She’s also a member of the global Covenant of Hekate and has assisted in some fascinating collaborative projects such as working with members all over the world to create a song for Hekate. Mabh is the secretary of the Pagan Federation Children and Families Team, a group that aims to make life easier for Pagan families in England and Wales. She’s also the current editor of Aether, the magazine for Pagan families. She’s been a member of the UK Green Party for many years, and believes firmly that it’s possible to reverse the damage being done to our planet with the right focus and action now.


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