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A Novel with a seasonal note

Many people will have heard or sung parts of Handel’s Messiah at Christmas, but few of them, I suspect, will be familiar with the story of rejection and rehabilitation that lies behind its creation.

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Behind the Scenes of the Gypsy Trail

Snow swirled by the window and an empty fireplace taunted my blue fingers as I sat in the parlour of Lednice Castle, in the Czech republic, listening to the tap, tap, tap of inspiration seeping from my soul into my brain.

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What Makes Your Character Tick

Imagine a story where everything is just fine and dandy. A story where nobody wants anything, because life is peachy.

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A Hard Act to Follow

It's an all-too-common issue with writers. They write a novel, rewrite it, edit it, and get it published.

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Loving or Loathing Your Characters

In truth, anyone can write a first novel. The proof of a writer’s talent comes from the second and subsequent books and the creation of a completely different set of characters for each new story.

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Why do Writers Write? N.E. David

I regularly buy The Daily Telegraph – once a week, on a Saturday. Not for its political opinions I hasten to add, I’d be just as happy to read The Independent, although I usually find Charles Moore’s views eminently sensible.

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Reflections on the Process of Writing by Ann Merivale

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Surfing the Rainbow – Visualization and Chakra Balancing for Writers by Sue Johnson.

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Writing Young Adult Fiction, Going against fuddy-duddy opinions by Maria Moloney

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Writing Groups – Stronger Together by William Mitchell

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Course You Can - Simon Whaley

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Writing on the Wild Side by James Burkard

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