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Essential Christian Reading 2021

Christian Alternative is looking for a genuinely liberal and provocative approach to faith, ethics and institutional religion. We want to understand why, despite the Enlightenment and secularization, Christian writers and preachers often cling to pre-modern theological ideas. Why is talk of radical orthodoxy usually more orthodox than radical?

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​Let us talk about religion

I don’t mean the boring old questions of whether God exists or not, or which religion is the right one, or whether Jesus really came down somehow from heaven to earth to save us from our sins...

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Church Going Gone with Brian Mountford

In this colourful memoir, from 1950’s childhood to the COVID crisis, Brian Mountford describes his life as a priest, which has spanned a period of immense social change and seen the secularisation of Britain to the point where 52% of the population say they have ‘no religion’.

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Essential Quaker Reading

Quaker readers spotlight on Rhiannon Grant, author of Quaker Quicks - Hearing the Light

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Essential Christian Reading

Collective Ink explores a wide range of disciplines within the field of Christian faith and practice. It also draws on personal testimony and new ways of finding and expressing God's presence in the world today.

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