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If Evolution is a journey then where does the journey end...

Two hundred thousand years on from when the humanoid Europans were ruled by tyrannical religious group, the Sect, in an undersea city, Earth becomes the battleground as Europa’s sentient robots and the Sect’s descendants collide in the final battle of their eons’ long war.

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Grimworld reviews

Grimworld is a creepy new novel for young readers. Here's what the reviewers are saying...

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The power of the pants of peace

An innovative book that helps children get in touch with a wide range of inner qualities and values through creative meditation and affirmations exercises.

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Q is for Question

Tiffany Poirier has a passion for philosophy as an elementary teacher in gifted education.

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In which we meet Greta

Greta’s best friend is her cat, Boris, but she soon realises her bewhiskered buddy has another life in another world.

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Q&As with Ashley Ledigo

Ashley Ledigo - author of Emajen - answers some questions about her writing and the worlds she has imagined.

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Reviews For Ghost Boy

Seventh grader Ben Conover sees people no one else can see. When he confides in his best friend, it's not long before smart phones start lighting up with text messages as the air cackles with gossip and he becomes known in school as the 'Ghost Boy'.

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The Firebird Chronicles

A much-praised fantasy series for readers aged 9-12

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Can Trees Empower our Girls? This Author Believes So...

Author Susan Elizabeth Hale strongly believes that we can enchant the land with our voices. She has traveled the world exploring this idea and created Earth Day 10 years ago to share long-held traditions. Now, with her juvenile fiction book she hopes to empower young girls all over the world.

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Are we Teaching our Children the Importance of Science?

Without science we would not have electricity which would mean no mobiles, internet, Facebook. We would not have fridges to keep food fresh, television or even cars. Author S Y Palmer tells us how she fell in love with science again and how it even inspired her space themed children's books.

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Will the Real Shakespeare Please Stand Up

Author James Hartley Books​ breaks down the snobbery surrounding this great historical figure to reveal that William, a young boy from Stratford-Upon-Avon, was much more a man of the people than his portrayal today might suggest.

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EBook Promotions for Read an eBook Week

Despite the predictions that eBooks were going to kill physical books, thanks to bookie people on the likes of Instagram and YouTube, recent reports state that physical book sales are rising once again. However, eBooks are here to stay, and Lodestone author Steve Conoboy tells us why he's glad.

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