Cher Chevalier

Cher Chevalier

Cher Chevalier is a world-renowned Spiritual Adviser, Executive Producer - Christspiracy, Associate Producer - SLAY Film, Screenwriter, Co-Author of Meditations that launched Calm, iTunes App of The Year 2017, Co-Creator of PAWS - The Policy for Animal Welfare Scheme, Writer and Co-Creator of The Compassion In Commerce Training Program, Co-Creator of The #HANDSOFF Campaign, Co-Writer of the "LOST CHILD" Song, Founder and CEO of Animals Actually Ltd, and Author of the following 33 books: INNER POWER MEDITATIONS, Compassion In Commerce, INNER JOURNEY MEDITATIONS with Cher Chevalier & Liz Solari, The Hidden Secrets of a MODERN SEER, The Hidden Truths of a MODERN SEER, The Hidden Life of a MODERN SEER, SLIM: Step Lightly In Mind, Body, Spirit, and ANIMALS ACTUALLY A-Z.

Cher was born in England into a family that boasts four generations of vegetarians and vegans. She endured near death experiences in childhood, after which her supernatural and mystical experiences began. Cher has worked as a Spiritual Adviser for over 25 years, appeared on many mainstream TV shows; including Celebrity World Cup Soccer Six where she performed absent healing for footballer Wayne Rooney live on Sky One. She has been featured in numerous publications and radio shows around the globe. Cher was the Spiritual Adviser on the UNLOCKED movie starring Orlando Bloom and Noomi Rapace; she was also hired to help launch the Matt Damon/Clint Eastwood movie HEREAFTER. Cher leads a devotional life.


Kip Andersen, Filmmaker - What The Health, Cowspiracy
“The planet needs Compassion in Commerce, and in all areas of life. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction. Go vegan!”

Alexis Gauthier, Michelin-Starred Vegan Chef
“Dear Cher & Judith, I wanted to thank you for the copies of your wonderfully written book 'Compassion in Commerce'. It is so refreshing to read that altruism and compassion can be the pillars of successful business exchanges amongst people. As my son is finishing his A-Levels and hoping to join one of the best business schools in the world next year, I have asked him to read your book and use it as a moral compass for his future assignments.”

Liz Solari, Actress and UNICEF Ambassador
“If we are serious about saving our planet and securing a sustainable future for its inhabitants, we must become compassionate in the way we do business, now! Ambition without compassion destroys: global warming, world hunger, animal holocaust, global deforestation and pollution... we are killing our planet! Our home!. A revealing, practical, and absolutely necessary read in the times we are facing.”

Luke Mansfield, Chief Strategy Officer - Harley-Davidson Motor Company
“Compassion in Commerce speaks to the nagging sense business leaders have that they should and could care more. A clarion call for caring and diversity as drivers of positive change and business growth.”

Michael Apted, Film Director
“Dear Cher, Thank you for the good fun of you and your boys. It kept me cheerful when the going got tough. Much love, Michael.”

D Ellis, Author
“Cher Chevalier is a rare example of a seriously trained and apprenticed adept in the western metaphysical tradition. She is "the real deal," a master of what she practices and teaches, who was called to her spiritual path by what she calls - and most would likely agree with - the Divine Presence. She is a master and a serious devotee of the Divine. As short and humble as "Hidden Truths" may be, it rings of the passion and Divine Inspiration much as the works of Irina Tweedie, St. Teresa of Avila, Anandamayi Ma, and the most profound moments of Robert Monroe's out-of-body experiencing.”

Doug Liman, Film Director
“ANIMALS ACTUALLY and its message is not just for kids, kindness is cool for us all.”

Toni Collette, Actress
“Thank you ANIMALS ACTUALLY for finding an easy way to make kindness cool for kids.”

Alice Grist, Author of The High Heeled Guide To Enlightenment
“Cher Chevalier is the author of 'The Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer' (O-Books). Her story came to me at the exact right time, lending both motivation and understanding to my own spiritual path!
Cher's path has been far from an easy one, indeed it has been fraught with spiritual turmoil, trauma and hugely difficult lessons. However it has taken her to an intense level of spirituality that I have not witnessed before, and one that I would love to one day achieve myself.
The Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer is a fabulous book that details Cher's spiritual experiences in a thought provoking and hugely intriguing way. Every person's spiritual path is entirely unique and Cher's has been a crazy blast, that makes for eye popping reading! As well as being a spiritual mistress of epic proportions, Cher has her head firmly screwed on and her life demonstrates how a 21st century woman can grasp her divinity and be utterly spiritually fabulous! This is a precious little read and a definite must for all THHGTE readers looking to up their spiritual game!”

E.S. Wardle, MA PG Dip MBACP MSoPH
“I read Cher Chevalier's book with avid interest from the perspective of one travelling on a very personal spiritual journey and fascination to learn of others' experiences. Cher writes beautifully and candidly about her experiences along the path of spirituality, intuition, psychic development and the terrors encountered along the way of what I may term a Shaman. Highly readable (I couldn't put it down once I'd started it) and acted as a prompt or trigger for much of my own experience (ongoing). Recommended for any true seeker along the way.”

Natalie Cassidy, Actress
“Cher guides me through problems and helps my mind when things get tough. She is so good at what she does, I feel truly thankful to have been introduced to her. I shall speak with her forever.”

Sonia Ducie, AIN Numerologist and Author
“Cher shines with an authentic gift as an inspirational healer.”

Jason Karl, TV Presenter and Theatrical Producer
“Cher Chevalier is a rare find; a down to earth practical woman who happens to inhabit the psychic world. Approaching her subject with a no nonsense approach, and a straight forward uncomplicated attitude. 'The Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer' is exactly that, a delicious delve into Cher's secret world; a contemporary account of a remarkable 'unseen' life, which although glimpsed by many, remains for most of us, out of sight.”

Anna Van Praagh, Journalist
“Cher Chevalier is a phenomenal psychic - one of the absolute best. Read her books - you will be enlightened - and amazed...”

Natasha Beaumont, Actress
“I have spoken to Cher a number of times over the past few years, in both good times and bad. She has always proven to be a valued and trustworthy adviser. Her predictions have unfailingly come to pass, and her accurate assessment of the people and situations in one's life are truly startling. Gentle though she is, Cher certainly does not mince her words when it comes to passing on a message that needs to be heard! For this I am forever grateful. Cher has a great gift and great wisdom in it's application. She helped open my eyes to a whole new realm, and indeed a whole new inner life when I needed it most. I remain forever in her debt.”

Maggie Richards, Meditation Teacher and founder of Smiley Minds
“With great love comes great responsibility; so reveals Cher’s life. Her pure heart and all-seeing mind have ignited within me a determined new focus on helping others, including animals. Would I be aiming high to leave a loving legacy without her? Or would I let my fear stop me? Thanks to Cher and her Team’s perfect guidance I am today teaching children life skills that will help make the world a kinder place. To begin to make a difference gives me real joy! I hope that every being becomes 100% loving, happy and true!”

Riki Frahmann, Library Thing
“I enjoyed this 111 page fateful personal rendition of a lightworker's journey immensely. The author's honest straightforward account of her spiritual awakening was entertaining and reminded me a lot of my own. Many times I find stories like these help me to not feel so alone in my own search for enlightenment. I liked the way she told us about the people and events that had helped to shape her life. I would recommend this Grand Teacher to anyone who likes amazing accounts of spiritual growth. Thanks Cher.”

J D Elliott, Author and Photographer
“Cher represents a far higher order of personhood than I have ever encountered. Her intuition is superior and her demeanour is very professional. It's an honour to know her and I see great things in Cher..”

Nicola Coleman, Make-Up Artist
“Cher has been my guide through many troubled times in my life. Her honesty, accuracy and spiritual advice have helped me overcome many problems I have encountered. She has a calming influence on my often chaotic life and has taught me to be strong for my self. Where would I be without her? I'm not sure… But I'm wishing her well as always, and I hope her books help many others.”

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